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Industrial Pressure Washer hire from the UK’s leading supplier of high-pressure high-quality cleaning equipment. We stock some of the worlds biggest manufacturers as well as our own Britclean range

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Keep Your Tractors Moving with Pressure Washers from Britclean

With the cost of new tractors and machinery increasing all the time, maintain your current vehicle, especially during winter could save you plenty of money.
Here at Britclean, we specialise in pressure washers for hire or purchase, which are the ideal solution to keeping your tractors looking shiny.

Regularly cleaning your kit can make inspection much easier whilst improving biosecurity and oozes professionalism. For those who rely on sign-writing to promote their business, having clean kit makes all the information easier to identify and ultimately more appealing.

Five Steps of Cleaning your Tractor

Investing in a high-quality pressure washer is a worthwhile investment for anyone working in agriculture, as it makes light work of the worst muck and dirt accumulated on your vehicle.
Here are five essential steps to making your tractor look brand new –

1. Rinse down – Firstly rinse off the dirt using your industrial pressure washer, plus if you choose a rainy day the dirt will be softened and easier to remove.
2. Cleaning Agent -Now add some snow foam to all areas of your vehicle and thoroughly wash down using your pressure washer.
3. Clear Your Cab Out – Cabs are notorious for hosting dust and grime. This will require a vacuuming then using an all-purpose cleaning solution to use on mats, plastic surfaces, control switches and levers. Then you can add gloss with an interior polish.
4. Touch Up Work – Add a protective finish to surfaces such as windows, mirrors, lights and even mudguards and fuel tanks to prevent a faded appearance
5. Protective Finish – Repeated treatment will help maintain your paintwork and a good topcoat top of sealer will lessen the impact of UV rays which can make exterior finishes fade over time.

Need a Pressure Washer? Get in Touch!

So if you need a pressure washer to help maintain all of your agricultural vehicles, contact Britclean today and we can tell you all about our range of products.

We work with customers right across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire stocking well-known brands such as Karcher, Ehrle and Nilfisk.

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How Much Fuel Does Your Industrial Pressure Washer Use?

Hot industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire from specialists Britclean will ensure you get the best cleaning tool for your premises.

The majority of hot industrial pressure washers have a boiler that is usually heated by a burner using kerosene. The fuel tank capacity and consumption will show how long the machine can run before it needs refilling.

Alternatively, on diesel powered machines, the fuel tank will normally power the pump and the burner.

Hot water pressure washers are also available with electrically heated boilers, offering limited temperatures. This type of machine is used when using kerosene isn’t a viable option.

Choosing Industrial Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

There are a number of factors to think about when deciding which of our industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire is the right fit for you.

The relationship between water flow and pressure is important when considering what type of cleaning is being carried out. To get some clarity you need to work out how long the washer will be used each week and how hard it will have to work.

For example, if you have an industrial pressure washer that’s working full tilt all the time; the longevity of this machine will be lower.

You need to ask

  • Will I be cleaning larger floor areas or smaller equipment?
  • Is the dirt caked on?
  • Would a hot or cold industrial pressure washer be the best choice?

Get the Answers about Industrial Pressure Washers and More

Experts from Britclean will be able to answer all of these questions and more about industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire and ensure you get the best deal.

Our hands-on service will also give you any maintenance, repairs and we will also provide training on using all of our industrial pressure washers.

We have been operating since 1978 and from our base in Staffordshire, we can supply machines right through the United Kingdom working with our network of dealers.

If you’d like to know more about all the models, we have in stock to buy or hire, please get in touch today.

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Getting to Know Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Industrial pressure washers in Shropshire are available from Britclean for hire or purchase, which provide a reliable service that will leave your premises spotless.

Although they are an invaluable cleaning tool most people don’t know too much about pressure washers so, in this post, we will focus on the basics of how they work.

Choosing the Best Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Operating your pressure and water flow refers to the pressure the pump applies to the water as it leaves the nozzle and the volume of water per minute or hour your machine delivers.

The cleaning power of your industrial pressure washer depends on:

  • The operating pressure – which is measured in bar or MPa (Multi-Pressure Automatic)
  • Water flow – which is measured in litres or gallons per minute or hour

It isn’t just pressure which determines if your washer is effective – water volume also plays a pivotal role. For example, high pressure used with a low water volume will produce a powerful and narrow water jet which is ideal for cleaning smaller areas of ingrained dirt, whereas a pressure washer with a larger water volume will clean larger areas for efficiently.

It’s a common error to view an industrial pressure washer with a high-pressure rating as a better choice, whereas if you choose a model based on the areas you want to clean, this will serve you better in the long run.

Talk to the Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Britclean offers the finest range of industrial pressure washers in Shropshire, which include well-known brands such as Ehrle, Karcher and Nilfisk as well as our own brand.

We pride ourselves on giving you the complete cleaning service which is why we also offer repair, maintenance or training to all of our customers.

If you’d like to know more about our range of industrial pressure washers in Shropshire please get in touch today to speak to our customer service team.

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Reliable Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Stoke

Industrial pressure washer hire in Stoke on Trent is one of the services Britclean are renowned for in the local area. You may not know that an industrial pressure washer could be your cleaning solution, so we are going to explain some of the most popular uses for this equipment.

Best Uses of Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Stoke

Industrial pressure washers are extremely popular to help with many different tasks, but here’s some of the most frequent queries our team at Britclean receive from customers.
● Logistics – An industrial pressure washer clean will get all the dirt off your vehicle ready for your next journey, making sure you look smart when visiting clients.
● Front of building premises – If your business is near a main road or motorways, the chances are your business gets a lot of excess dirt and makes it look less than presentable. By using our industrial pressure washer hire in Stoke, you can clean all kinds of business exterior and do two jobs in one by cleaning your windows.
● Driveways and concrete or tiled patios – One of the ‘traditional’ uses of our industrial pressure washers is for cleaning driveways and patios, which much like decking and the front of businesses; can bear the brunt of the unpredictable winter weather.
● Outdoor furniture – Our industrial pressure washers are the best solution to clean plastic, vinyl or wood outdoor furniture. This also applies to your fencing and outdoor decking, which can receive the full force of bad weather.

Talk to Britclean About Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Stoke

Here at Britclean we stock the leading manufacturers for industrial pressure washer hire in Stoke, including Karcher and Nilfisk as well as our own range to choose from. We will also deliver your industrial pressure washer and collect it when you are finished, free of charge!
Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to make sure you get the right industrial pressure washer for your requirements.

Facts about Industrial pressure washers in Cheshire

Industrial pressure washers in Cheshire can help maintain the cleanliness of your property
throughout the winter months. As the days get shorter it can often become more difficult to keep your business clean as the wind, rain and in some cases snow takes its toll with build ups of mildew, mold, dirt and grime.

At Britclean we believe in giving our customers the facts so they can choose which industrial
pressure washers in Cheshire are right for them.

Here’s some essential facts you may not know about industrial pressure washers

Regular cleaning helps to maintain the quality of your building, delaying what could be expensive investment in restoration works.

Industrial pressure washers in Cheshire are the best method to maintain an existing coat of paint.

It’s much cheaper to hire an industrial pressure washer from Britclean than repaint your property.

Dirt, grime, mold and mildew really harm the exterior of your building causes premature fading as well as wood rot.

Industrial pressure washers are a great way to help the environment as we look to do our bit to
reduce our carbon footprint.

At Britclean we offer the best range of industrial pressure washers in Cheshire including Ehrle, Karcher, Nilsfisk, Interpump as well as petrol, diesel, custom build and reconditioned models.

Get in touch to find your ideal industrial pressure washers in Cheshire

At Britclean we take pride in offering the best of both worlds with industrial pressure washers in Cheshire to hire or buy.

We have been providing the highest quality of industrial pressure washers for commercial and
domestic use. So, no matter what you are looking for were confident we will have the pressure washer to fit your needs.

If you’d like to know more about our range of industrial pressure washers in Cheshire, please contact us and speak to one of our friendly team.

industrial pressure washer hire in cheshire

Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire

Britclean UK is being used by business in various sectors all over the Midlands. Our high-powered cleaning equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and is perfectly suited to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. So, for commercial and industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire look no further than Britclean. With over three decades of experience, you and trust the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered from our many operations. Despite being based in Staffordshire our reputation has travelled further afield, to multiple areas of the Midlands.

Why Choose Britclean for Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire

It’s no surprise that so many businesses are choosing Britclean for industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire. Firstly, the cost! Pressure washers save you both time and money, without spending a lot of money. Britclean stock some of the world’s most innovative and high performing machines such as Karcher and Nilfisk. Some of these models of pressure washer use 70% less water than other or more traditional cleaning equipment. Not only that, they complete the job in almost half the time.

Here at Britclean, we offer the complete service. In addition to our huge range of washers, you’ll have access to a team of professionals who know our machines inside and out. We don’t believe in a ‘sales’ team, we only use staff who have hands-on experience with our machines. This way the best advice gets passed on to our customers.

Finally, as we mentioned briefly we stock some of the world’s best manufacturers of pressure washers, so you are assured you’re getting only the best industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire.

Get in Touch for Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire

No matter how long our short you’re looking for industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire, you’ll find the ideal contract solution at Britclean. We understand that commercial and industrial sites are ever-changing, therefore so is our hire service. For more information about any of our pressure washers, get in touch today.

Commercial & Industrial Pressure Washer Hire

Businesses all across Staffordshire are using Britclean to hire high powered cleaning machines that can tackle virtually any cleaning task. We have hundreds of machines to choose from with more pressure washers in stock now than ever before. And, with Britclean, you know you are choosing a company you can trust with over three decades of industry experience behind us. We have become the number one choice for commercial and industrial pressure washer hire in Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding areas so feel free to pay us a visit in Stoke-on-Trent today.

Industrial Pressure Washer Hire

No.1 For Industrial & Commercial Pressure Washer Hire in Staffordshire

The main reason so many businesses are choosing to use pressure washers is the fact they are the most cost effective method of cleaning. Our pressure washers will save you time, money and effort as well as greatly increasing cleaning efficiency. Some models, such as Karcher pressure washers, use up to 70% less water compared to traditional methods yet still get the job done in less than half the time.

Our range of pressure washers are also extremely versatile with the ability to take on virtually any cleaning task both indoors and outdoors. This can include everything from removing heavy oil stains on roads to peeling chewing gum off footpaths. Every single one of our machines are also maintained to the very highest of standard and serviced regularly for maximum efficiency.

Choose Britclean for Industrial & Commercial Pressure Washer Hire

Whatever your needs, our expert team of technicians will be able to help you find the perfect cleaning machine and we are also extremely flexible when it comes to hire contracts. We will also deliver the machine to your address and we’ll even come and collect it once you’ve finished.

Britclean provide the most comprehensive commercial and industrial pressure washer hire service in Staffordshire so if you want the most cost effective and efficient way of cleaning, feel free to get in touch with us directly.