Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer in Operation

How To Operate A Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

When it comes to cleaning hard floor surfaces in commercial and industrial areas, there can be many different types of areas as well as larger areas to cover. Using a bucket and mop can take far too long and may not fully remove spills or stains. To work efficiently, a better alternative is needed. The scrubber dryer is a mains-powered machine equipped with wheels, scrubbing brushes or pads, a water and cleaning solution dispenser, a squeegee, a vacuum system, a control panel and a tank. It is controlled and pushed forward by an operator. As the brush attachments scrub the surface, the squeegee and vacuum system work together to collect the dirty water, leaving the floor clean, shiny and dry.

It’s important to correctly use a scrubber dryer for the best cleaning results and maximum efficiency. In this step-by-step guide, we will look at how to operate a walk-behind scrubber dryer in a safe manner. 

1) Preparation

The first step is to read the manufacturer instructions in the user manual. If this is your first time using a scrubber dryer, it’s a good idea to receive guidance from a trained operator. It is crucial to wear PPE before you begin such as safety gloves, overalls and safety shoes to protect your skin from chemical spills and falling objects. Inspect the area before you start cleaning and move any objects if possible to minimise disruption. For the safety of others, place wet floor signs in visible areas such as near entry ways to advise passersby that cleaning is in process and to prevent slips.

2) Set Up The Machine

Before turning on the machine, ensure the unit is in good working condition. Next, check the levels of the water and cleaning solution dispenser to ensure they are at the recommended levels. If not, please refill them to minimise further disruption later on. Adjust the squeegee so it is touching the floor and make sure the brush attachments are suitable for the type of floor being cleaned, change them if necessary. Once you are ready to plugping in the scrubber dryer, ensure the power cords are not in the way of entry ways and emergency exits to prevent tripping.

3) Adjust The Settings 

When the machine is powered on, you can adjust the settings on the control panel. This depends on the floor requirements. A few examples would be to adjust the brush speed or the water flow. As you push the machine forward, it’s best to work in straight lines, starting from the bottom of the area to the top. To avoid missing spots, maintain a slight overlap with each pass. Repeat the process on stubborn areas. Observe the water and cleaning solution levels throughout the task and adjust the settings if necessary. 

4) Final Steps

Once you have covered all the areas and you are happy with results, turn off the machine according to manufacturer instructions. Empty the dirty water from the tank and rinse it if necessary. Return the scrubber dryer to a dry storage area until its next use.

Scrubber Dryers For Hire In Stoke-On-Trent

While this is a brief step-by-by guide, the operation of scrubber dryers can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so we would like to remind you the importance of reading the manufacturing instructions before use. 

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