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Choosing the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Business

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your business premises, a commercial vacuum cleaner is a vital piece of equipment. They aren’t your average domestic vacuum cleaners, they are designed to be bigger and more powerful, collecting larger amounts of dirt and debris. With a vast range of commercial vacuum cleaners to choose from, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide on the right one for you and your business needs. In addition, there are some factors that you should consider before purchasing or hiring a commercial vacuum cleaner. In this guide, we will walk you through those factors, in hope that you will make the best choice for your business needs. 

Type of Business

Consider the type of business you operate as different industries require various cleaning needs. If your business is in the food and beverage industry, a steam cleaner will work to disinfect working areas, ensuring better food hygiene. The size of your business should also be considered. If you operate a large factory or warehouse, you may require a ride-on vacuum sweeper with a wider cleaning path and a higher capacity for effective and time-saving results. On the other hand, smaller businesses might benefit more from a compact one. 

Type of Flooring

The type of flooring within your business premises also matters. Some commercial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for carpets or hard floors only. If your business premise has different types of floorings, you might want to consider a vertsile vacuum cleaner with adjustable settings, instead of having to purchase or hire two separate variations. In saying that, while carpets need to be vacuumed regularly, the use of a carpet cleaner will ensure the best cleaning results.

Wet or Dry Areas

Another factor to consider is the type of mess that needs vacuuming. Commercial vacuum cleaners are generally divided into two categories – wet and dry. Wet vacuum cleaners are designed to allow suction of liquids and suitable for environments where spills and leaks are more likely to occur such as kitchens. Meanwhile, dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for most workplaces such as offices, retail spaces and industrial settings. Luckily, there are wet and dry vacuum cleaners available which are more versatile for businesses who encounter both in their operations. 

Filtration System

Whatever commercial vacuum cleaner you choose, it should have a high-quality filtration system. In a business setting, it is worth considering a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) approved filter or similar. A HEPA approved filter means it removes 99.97% of dust particles and other allergies larger than 0.3 microns in size while vacuuming, resulting in better air quality for employees and customers, especially those who suffer from allergies.

Hire a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner From Britclean

Once you have considered the above factors, you are more prepared for making the best and most cost-effective decision for your business. At Britclean, we offer a range of Karcher, Nilfisk Alto and Numatic commercial vacuum cleaners available for hire. If you are still finding it difficult to narrow down your options, the team at Britclean will be happy to recommend a model from our range based on your requirements or answer your questions about a particular one. Speak with a member of our team today by making an online enquiry or calling us directly on 0178 251 5535.