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Essential Questions About Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire

Industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire from Britclean will give you a cleaning product that will deal with the toughest surfaces.

From cleaning mud from your patio, dried on-dirt from your car or grease from a barbeque; using a pressure washer is a great time saver.
If you’ve never used a pressure washer before we are going to answer some frequently answer questions we often get asked.

How do Industrial Pressure Washers Work?

Pressure washers work by delivering a robust, concentrated stream of water which removes more dirt, quicker than a scrubbing brush.
If you regularly host garden parties hiring an industrial pressure washer is a must for all areas of your garden and outdoor living space.

What Type of Pressure Washer Do I Need?

The amount of pressure the model can deliver is a key consideration, as the more pressure you’ve got, the more power you can blast directly at the dirt.
The pressure of every washer is measured in bars with a maximum of 120 bars of pressure ideal for patios, fences and dirty cars. If you require heavy-duty cleaning, we would recommend using a pressure washer with above 120 bars.

Britclean has the widest range of industrial pressure washers including well-known brands such as Karcher, Nilfisk, Ehrle and our own home brand.

Lances and Nozzles

The majority of pressure washers come with one lance, a long tube with a nozzle at the end. Some machines come with a variable pressure lance that allows you to twist the nozzle at the end that alters the spray (much the same as a hosepipe).

The Rise of Cordless Models

Cordless models are becoming increasingly popular. They tend to run on battery power, have lower maximum pressure and feature an internal water tank.
These sort of washers are best suited to smaller jobs such as gardens or cleaning small areas.

Find Out More About Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire

With over 40 years of experience in the industrial cleaning industry, you won’t find a better selection of industrial pressure washers than at Britclean.
If you’d like to know more about our range of industrial pressure washers for hire in Derbyshire get in touch today.

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Your Guide to Using Industrial Pressure Washers Safely

Before using industrial pressure washers for the first time it’s important to know how to use the equipment properly and safely.
Different kinds of pressure washers work best for a variety of tasks so speaking to industry experts like Britclean will help you make an informed decision.

All users should fully understand the manufacturer’s instructions before using and ensure hoses are connected securely.

Safety Suggestions for Industrial Pressure Washers

Here are some essential safety tips to keep you safe when using pressure washers –

• Do not place your fingers near the outlet at any time as the pressure can be extremely dangerous
• Once you’ve chosen the correct tip to use test it out on an inconspicuous area to determine the best distance from the surface for cleaning
• Avoid ladders and working at height as the kickback can easily cause you to lose your balance and fall
• Be aware of your surroundings making sure you check for potential hazard before starting to use the pressure washer. This could include pets, children and other obstacles such as slippery and uneven surfaces
• Water is a conductor of electricity so never spray an electrical outlet as this will give you an electric shock
• Wear protective equipment to protect from the flying debris and the high-pressure spray. We would recommend using boots, gloves, waterproof trousers, safety glasses and hearing protection

Experienced Providers of Industrial Pressure Washers

Britclean first started trading in 1978 and for now, over four decades we have provided the finest range of industrial pressure washers for hire in Derbyshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.
We work with renowned industry brands such as Karcher, Ehrle, Nilfisk and Kranzle plus our own range of pressure washers.

Should your requirements change over time we also offer a range of accessories such as longer hoses and different lances.
If you’d like to know more about our industrial pressure washers and vacuums, please get in touch today.

industrial pressure washer hire in derbyshire

Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire for Patios

Industrial pressure washer hire in Derbyshire from Britclean is the best way to keep your patio looking spectacular in the summer sunshine.
Algae build up on clean surfaces, especially during winter and using a pressure washer is far quicker and more effective than using a scrubbing brush and a hose to get rid of it.

Here at Britclean, we give you the opportunity to hire our pressure washers meaning you have the best cleaning solution when you need it.
In our latest blog, we are going to talk you through how to clean your patio properly.

Your Guide to Using Industrial Pressure Washers

• First, connect your pressure washer to a water source
• Turn the hose on then release the trigger until water runs freely, make sure the nozzle is turned to the ground, to begin with as some washers have an initial burst of water
• Now move the high-pressure jet back and forth over the surface to loosen dirt
• Whilst cleaning make sure all connectors are tight and there are no leaks
• If you are struggling to shift dirt turn the pressure washer up to the most powerful setting
• Rinse off with a lower pressure
• Don’t use on tiling or block paving as this could damage the sand joints

Your Choice of Industrial Pressure Washer in Derbyshire

Britclean work with some of the biggest manufacturers of industrial pressure washers such as Ehrle, Karcher, Nilfisk Interpump plus our own range.
We have been working in the cleaning industry for over 15 years and have an experienced team ready to answer any questions you’ve got.

Industrial Pressure Washer Hire in Derbyshire from Britclean

We don’t just have industrial pressure washers ready for hire, we manufacture customer specific models to suit your individual needs.
If you’d like to know more about our full range of products, please get in touch today.

The Many Features of Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Industrial pressure washers in Shropshire from Britclean have plenty of unique features that can be utilised for numerous cleaning tasks.
Pressure washers deliver a powerful concentrated jet of water that removes dirt more efficiently than a brush and uses less water than a garden hose.
Using a pump to create a high-pressure flow of water the washer dislodges dirt more quickly and effectively.

How Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire Work

Here we are going to look at the common features of the majority of industrial pressure washers and how they work.

Body – The plastic housing contains the motor and the pump, with larger models giving a robust cleaning experience.
Washer Hose – Typically starting at 3 metres, hoses can extend up to 10m in bigger pressure washers which makes it easier move around without moving the unit as you go. This can be especially handy if you’re using a jet washer to clean your car.
The more powerful the washer, the wide and thicker the hose needs to be to prevent it bursting under the pressure of the water.
Trigger and Handle – When the motor is on the water will only flow from the nozzle when you squeeze the trigger. The majority of jet washers will automatically turn off when the trigger is released.
Lances and Nozzles – The lance is a long plastic tube which connects the trigger and handle of your pressure washer to the nozzle. This creates your spray jet and means that you don’t have to stoop over to hold the spray close to the object you’re cleaning.

Renowned Brands of Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Here at Britclean, we have worked with a number of reputable brands for years including Karcher, Nilsfisk and Ehrle plus we have our own range of industrial pressure washers which can be tailored specifically to your cleaning needs.

We work closely with our customers on all aspects of pressure washers, including our repair service which has proved a great money saver. Our team of specialists have over 40 years of experience and can identify parts needed for your machine that will make it fully operational for much longer.
If you’d like to know more about working with Britclean please contact us today or come and pay our workshop in Stoke on Trent a visit.

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Britclean Nilfisk Pressure Washers Support Povey’s Oatcakes

Britclean were delighted to recently help out leading Staffordshire oatcake manufacturer Povey’s Oatcakes with the hire of one of our Nilfisk pressure washers.
The Nilfisk brand is one of the industry leaders developing cleaning machines for over 100 years and one we’re proud to supply.
Britclean gives you the option of hot and cold models that come mains, petrol or diesel powered and are perfect for food production environments.

Affordable Nilfisk Pressure Washers from Britclean

Povey’s Oatcakes have become a North Staffordshire institution has become one of the leading providers of the local dish for now over 25 years.
Oatcakes are closely linked to Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire, with fillings such as bacon, sausage, cheese and mushrooms all extremely popular.

Alex Povey, Owner of Povey’s Oatcakes was delighted with their hired pressure washer, saying,

“Britclean have been able to give me a great and affordable service. Their service and knowledge about the Nilfisk pressure washers are second to none.”

Using a pressure washer gives your surfaces the thorough clean required and keeps your premises hygienic at all times, which is especially important for food production areas.

Your Choice of Industrial Pressure Washers

Here at Britclean, we provide a wide range of well-known manufacturers of industrial pressure washers in Staffordshire and surrounding areas such as Derbyshire and Cheshire.
We’re committed to providing quality and durable products that lived up to their warranty and give our customers value for money.

From our offices in Biddulph, Staffordshire we have a team of highly skilled technicians which allows us to also develop our own range of industrial and commercial pressure washers.
With our wide network of dealers, we also provide a repair service for pressure washers which will save you money on purchasing a brand new unit.

If you require the finest Karcher, Ehrle, Kranzle or Nilfisk pressure washers for your business get in touch today.

Staffordshire County Show 2019

Britclean Scrub Up Well at Staffordshire County Show

Staff from Britclean were delighted to exhibit at the recent Staffordshire County Show which took place at Staffordshire County Showground at the end of May.
The extremely popular event was attended by a record 65,000 people (including visitors from New Zealand, Norway and Germany!) and is widely considered the biggest agricultural event in the county.

Britclean had a number of services on show at our stand including industrial and commercial vacuums, pressure washers and we also told guests about our repair service for all of these products.
Visitors also got the chance to see vintage machinery and show jumping with the Young Farmers also providing a float parade on the final day.

Richard Williams, Chief Executive of the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society was delighted with the Staffordshire County Show, saying,
“We’re really pleased (with the event) and the number of new exhibitors who have joined us this year.”

Keeping the Farm Clean with Britclean

We have worked with a lot of agricultural clients across Staffordshire and the surrounding counties for many years who have seen first-hand the quality of Britclean’s product range.
Farms require the highest standards of hygiene to ensure your livestock remains healthy plus the fact animal medication is quite expensive, so keeping their bedding and feeding areas clean will save you money over time.

Remember you can use our industrial pressure washers for cattle igloos and resting cubicles plus pig stable areas, milk storage rooms, rotary milking parlours, barn and stable areas for sheep, goat and horses.

Britclean the Agricultural Cleaning Specialists

For over 40 years Britclean has been the leading providers of industrial and commercial pressure washers and vacuums.
We manufacture our own machines which allow us to give our customers a cost-effective cleaning solution.
If you’d like to know more about working with us, please get in touch today.

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Your Guide to Scrubber Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire

Here at Britclean, we offer a wide range of industrial vacuums in Shropshire including scrubber driers perfect for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces.

Frequently used for deep cleaning, preserving or polishing floors, there are two main types of industrial scrubbers available – the Walk Behind and Wide on Range.

Here’s what both models offer –

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers – The smaller models are frequently used for cleaning workshop floors, shop floors and pedestrian walkways. A more robust solution than a mop and bucket, they will leave your floor dry and shining bright.

Ride-On Scrubber Dryers – Ride-on machines are better for large cleaning floors and frequently used in the commercial cleaning market.

How Do Scrubber Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire Work?

Applying a mix of water and detergent to your floor with powerful brushes from your scrubber drier scrubbing the floor as the machine moves.

The operator can change the amount of brush pressure, which can be changed to combat the amount of dirt and staining on the surface. A rear-mounted squeegee dries the floor with the powerful vacuum motors sucking up the water and debris as the machine works.

Our range of scrubber driers has adjustable pressure that will protect any vulnerable floor surfaces too.

To complement our range of industrial vacuums we also offer different types of detergents that can be used in the automotive, food and general cleaning environments.

Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire from Britclean

Britclean work with the finest ranges of commercial and industrial vacuums including renowned brands such as Nilsfisk, Karcher and Numatic International, so we have no doubt we’ll have the cleaner you require.

If you need any advice on which industrial vacuum will suit your needs, please get in touch today and speak to our team of specialists.

We are the market leaders in floor care and have over 40 years of experience of servicing the commercial and industrial customers with the most reliable cleaning solutions.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire for Cleaning Gutters

Gutters can be one of the hardest areas of your home to clean – unless you’re using one of our Karcher Pressure Washers!

Here at Britclean, have hundreds of hot and cold Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire, using patented nozzle technology that will save you money on energy bills using up to 50% less water than conventional cleaning methods.

Tips for Cleaning with Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

  1. Tough stains on your gutters will require some detergent for a thorough clean, and before you soap, the surfaces make sure you soak everything with clean water. This prevents damage to the surrounding foliage when rinsing away large pieces of dirt.Start with a low-pressure nozzle for your first rinse so you don’t damage foliage and propel dirt and debris into the soffits. Also, make sure you rinse the outside of your gutters clean too.
  1. Fill your detergent tank with a cleaning solution and if you’re using a concentrated detergent be sure to dilute it using the instructions on the container. Begin with applying the detergent to the soffits and the outside of your gutters. Don’t face the soffits directly, instead of aiming ahead of yourself and a little to the side.
  2. Once the soffits and outside of the gutters are covered with detergent let the dirt and stains come loose, then you can start spraying both areas using your Karcher Pressure Washer at the same area you began spraying the detergent, to begin with. Some spots may be a little more stubborn so take more time spraying them than others to ensure a balanced clean for your gutters.
  1. Once you’ve finished using the high-pressure option, switch back to the low-pressure nozzle and spray clean water to rinse away any remaining detergent.
  2. Start near a downspout and spray away from it and progress down the length of the gutter and with enough pressure the water will force the debris out of the gutter. Just be wary of trying to force too much debris down in one go, as it could become clogged.

There is also a safety element in using a pressure washer as you can clean your gutters with your feet planted on the ground, with no need for a ladder.

The Leading Providers of Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

For over 40 years Britclean has been the leading providers of Karcher Pressure washers in Derbyshire and surrounding counties such as Staffordshire.

If you’d like to know more about our range of Karcher Pressure Washers available to buy or hire please get in touch today.

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How Much Fuel Does Your Industrial Pressure Washer Use?

Hot industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire from specialists Britclean will ensure you get the best cleaning tool for your premises.

The majority of hot industrial pressure washers have a boiler that is usually heated by a burner using kerosene. The fuel tank capacity and consumption will show how long the machine can run before it needs refilling.

Alternatively, on diesel powered machines, the fuel tank will normally power the pump and the burner.

Hot water pressure washers are also available with electrically heated boilers, offering limited temperatures. This type of machine is used when using kerosene isn’t a viable option.

Choosing Industrial Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

There are a number of factors to think about when deciding which of our industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire is the right fit for you.

The relationship between water flow and pressure is important when considering what type of cleaning is being carried out. To get some clarity you need to work out how long the washer will be used each week and how hard it will have to work.

For example, if you have an industrial pressure washer that’s working full tilt all the time; the longevity of this machine will be lower.

You need to ask

  • Will I be cleaning larger floor areas or smaller equipment?
  • Is the dirt caked on?
  • Would a hot or cold industrial pressure washer be the best choice?

Get the Answers about Industrial Pressure Washers and More

Experts from Britclean will be able to answer all of these questions and more about industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire and ensure you get the best deal.

Our hands-on service will also give you any maintenance, repairs and we will also provide training on using all of our industrial pressure washers.

We have been operating since 1978 and from our base in Staffordshire, we can supply machines right through the United Kingdom working with our network of dealers.

If you’d like to know more about all the models, we have in stock to buy or hire, please get in touch today.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Cleaning Your Patio with Karcher Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Now the sun is beginning to shine again, making sure your garden is in top condition ready for BBQ season is a must. Karcher pressure washers in Shropshire from Britclean will give you a dining and social area that will look spectacular and ready for summer.

Here’s your essential guide to pressure washing your patio:

  1. Firstly remove your furniture, ornaments and pots.
  2. Remove any loose debris such as leaves and dirt with a broom.
  3. Connect your hose and check that water is flowing freely through your machine to remove any air locks before starting.
  4. Plug in your Karcher Pressure Washer to the main electricity supply, then turn it on to pressurize the system.
  5. Adding detergent to the surface will help to dissolve dirt and make your patio easier to clean. Some detergents also have unique properties that will help reduce the build-up of dirt in the future as well as protection from weather damage. You can get specific detergents that will handle stone or wood surfaces.
  6. Sort dirt and organisms like lichens are hard to remove using a standard patio cleaner, whereas a Karcher Pressure Washer can provide up to 80% more power, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

You can follow a similar process when it comes to cleaning decking. Firstly, we would simply advise wearing goggles whilst using the pressure washer and take care near your plants because the high-pressure spray could damage your plants.

Karcher Pressure Washers are also great for driveways, garden furniture, fencing and guttering – making them the ultimate outdoor cleaning tool.

Specialist Providers of Karcher Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Here at Britclean, we provide a wide range of hot and cold Karcher Pressure Washers in Shropshire.

For over 40 years we have been the leading providers of pressure washers across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire for a wide range of customers.

Speak to Britclean for Pressure Washers in Shropshire

To make sure you get the right model of Karcher Pressure Washer to match your requirements please get in touch today with any questions.