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Getting to Know Ehrle Pressure Washers

German manufacturer Ehrle is one of the leading pressure washer companies worldwide and Britclean is proud to be one of their leading UK suppliers.

If you have never used Ehrle pressure washers before, don’t worry as we are going to provide all the essential information you need in this blog.

All Ehrle products are manufactured using state-of-the-art, precise and innovative processes that are subjected to extremely rigorous internal and external tests which ensure customer expectations are always met.

The Company Values of Ehrle

Ehrle work from four core company values that help them to be one of the leaders in the industrial cleaning market.

Quality – ‘Made by Ehrle’ is renowned globally as a stamp of top German manufacturing. Using their many years of experience and a highly skilled team maintains the quality of their products.
Flexibility – Ehrle constantly considers feedback from their customers to improve their products and react promptly to changes in the market.
Sustainability – As a manufacturer, Ehrle is also committed to sustainable production processes plus a commitment to protecting the environment.
Fairness and Responsibility – Ehrle has been a business partner of Britclean for many years, with both parties understanding the importance of an effective working relationship meaning we can provide the best pressure cleaners on the market to our customers.

Here at Britclean, we supply a wide range of Ehrle pressure washers, which can handle both commercial and industrial cleaning requirements.
Ehrle isn’t the only top supplier we work with either, as we also work with Nilfisk, Karcher, Honda and Kranzle.

Contact Britclean for Effective Cleaning Solutions

We give our customers the choice of purchasing or hiring our range of pressure washers plus we can offer a tailored program, in case you haven’t used that particular model of pressure washer. Get in touch for more information.

If your cleaner has stopped working, we can also provide the best repair service on the market with a quick turn around on most issues.

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Why You Should Consider Pressure Washers from Britclean

Pressure washers from Britclean are the ideal cleaning solution for a variety of tasks, with plenty of advantages.

For our latest blog, we are going to share the four main advantages of our pressure washers.

Four Reasons to Choose a Pressure Washer

1. Time and Energy Saving – Using a high-pressure cleaner means you won’t need to scrub with a sponge, making them a great time saver. When cleaning the underside of vehicles or cut-outs in the facade, you can also reach them easier with a pipe and nozzle.
2. Doing Your Bit for the Environment – Pressure washers use less water than other cleaning solution, making them more effective. In most cases, cleaning agents are not required which makes them a money saver too and keeps pollutants from nature. Electrically operated high-pressure cleaners have no direct exhaust gases, with only electricity consumed.
3. Protecting Your Health – Pressure washers only work with water, meaning there is no harmful residue. This makes the cleaned objects and surfaces typically completely harmless for children and allergy sufferers.
4. Effective Cleaning – You can avoid unsightly results, plus cleaning marks on smooth surfaces such as those from rags or brushes on car paints.

What Can I Clean with a Pressure Washer?

The amount of applications a high-pressure cleaner can be used for is quite diverse.

Here are some examples to consider –

  • Sidewalk tiles in the garden
  • Removal of dirt and moss from terraces
  • Garden furniture and dirty garden tools
  • Vehicles such as bicycles and motorbikes
  • Large surface areas such as house facades and roller shutters

Want to Know More? Get in Touch Now

If you have any questions about our commercial and industrial pressure washers, please contact us today.

Britclean also offers an exclusive repair service for well-known brands such as Karcher, Nilfisk, Ehrle and Kranzle.

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Identifying Common Problems with Commercial Vacuums

Industrial vacuums can be extremely complicated machines that are often required to tackle challenging tasks in a commercial environment. Although Britclean‘s units are maintained to the highest standards, faults can still occur sometimes.

Spotting the first signs of trouble helps to prevent more costly repairs and downtime, which is why you should list the mechanical issues and look to discuss these with one of our trained professionals.

For our latest blog, we are going to share some of the most common problems you can get with commercial vacuums.

4 Commercial Vacuum Issues

1. Lack of Suction
If your unit has started to show signs of low suction or has ceased entirely, the chances are high that a clogged air filter is a problem.
Our team will be able to remove the filter and check for any debris plus the filter may need replacing entirely.

2. Broken Internal Belt
Drive belts are put under great pressure with the mechanisms allow the scrubbing brushes to rotate, which means that the belt could snap on occasion. Symptoms of this include the smell of burning rubber or a scrubbing head that suddenly stops rotating.

3. Scrubbing Brushes that Fail to Spin
Although the broken belt can trigger this problem, the brushes themselves can also become jammed. Once the unit is powered down the heads will need examining and a check will take place to ensure there is no debris such as hair or twine is impeding their motion. Our specialists will briefly scrutinise the brush roll assembly to make sure that no bearings have become lost or damaged.

4. Weak or Inoperative Motor
The electronic control board, known as the PCB, may have become damaged. The mains fuse could have tripped due to a perceived overload. Broken drive or cog belts could also cause an engine to cease. All of these issues need to be diagnosed by a trained professional from Britclean.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you need to know more about Britclean’s commercial vacuum repair service, please contact us today.

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The Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing

Pressure washing and power washing are often interchangeable terms, with both considered to be the same thing by people not familiar with the cleaning industry.

There are some differences between the two, which we are going to explore for our latest blog.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

The difference between power washing and pressure washing is the heat, with the jet wash in a power washing machine using heated water whereas the water is a pressure washer isn’t heated.

The main advantage of a power washer is the heated water is more able to clear tough-to-clean spaces with grease, salt, mildew and grime. The heated water, much in the same way as doing the dishes or washing your hands, makes it easier to clean surfaces. This makes the power washer more of a heavy-duty machine.
Power washers are the smart choice for cleaning concrete, as it will not damage the surface.

Understanding Pressure Washers and their Uses

A pressure washer is equipped with a high-pressure water spray that is able to clean large surfaces, comprehensively removing dirt, dust, mud, grime, stains, salt, mold and chewing gum.
This makes a pressure washer perfect for cleaning the following areas –

  • Stairways, walkways, patios, driveways and paths
  • Exterior facade of residential and commercial buildings
  • Public spaces such as car parks
  • The seats and grounds of cinemas
  • Vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and boats

Pressure washers are one of the most effective ways to give a building a low-cost facelift. You can also keep your premises clean on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis and get your floors looking brand new in no time. This also means you will maintain the quality of your property and retain its value.

Talk to the Pressure Washer Specialists

If you have any questions about Britclean’s range of pressure washers, please contact us today.
From our base in Staffordshire, we work with domestic and commercial customers across Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

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Choosing the best Detergent for Car Care

If you are looking to use a pressure washer to clean your car, having the best detergent is crucial.
Here at Britclean, we offer a wide range of detergents that will have your car look shiny and brand new in no time.

For our latest blog, we are going to share some details about the selection of our car care detergents and their benefits.

Unmatched Variety of Detergents at Britclean

Britclean’s detergents range from exterior hand wash products to bumper dressings and alloy wheel cleaners.

Autoshine – Autoshine is a highly active formula car shampoo that is a mild and neutral detergent for vehicle hand washing which is phosphate-free and bio-degradable.
Trio – Trio is a 3 in 1 detergent used for hand washing of vehicles which cleans, shines and protects and can be applied from a bucket via a mitt or sponge.
Dasheen – Dasheen is a non-hazardous cleaner that has a pleasantly perfumed silicone emulsion for the cleaning and dressing of interior vinyl and plastics. This type of detergent is ideal for dashboards without leaving a glaring oily finish which is common with most aerosol cockpit cleaners.
Defender Bumper Dressing – With a unique blend of solvents, waxes and oils Defender Bumper Dressing restores plastic trim, bumpers and vinyl to present an as-new appearance.
Revive Tyre Dressing – Revive Tyre Dressing is used by professional car valeters for the renovation of all rubber surfaces and contains mineral oils and silicones. Commonly used to restore the appearance of tyres, rubber mats and mud flaps.
Tar and Glue Remover – Britclean’s tar and glue remover is a special solvent which quickly and easily removes residues of most types of adhesives and sealants commonly used in the motor industry. It is particularly effective in removing tar from wheels and bodywork.

Get the Best out of your Pressure Washer with Britclean

If you would like to know more about any of our car care detergents or any of our pressure washers, please contact us today.

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Deciding Between Repairing or Replacing Your Pressure Washer

Deciding whether your pressure washer needs repairing or replacing is an extremely important decision. Here at Britclean, we offer a repair service for all models of pressure washers and industrial vacuums; including well-known brands such as Nilfisk, Karcher and Numatic International.

If you are using a wobble pump, then you will need to replace the pressure washer as the pump cannot be repaired.
Wobble pumps are economical but are not designed to be repaired.

Alternatively, if your pump is an axial cam pump, you have the choice to change the damaged parts, have the parts repaired or replaced. If you don’t have the knowledge of pressure washers, we would recommend talking to Britclean and arranging a repair.

While parts can be ordered online, it’s best to talk to cleaning specialists (such as Britclean) who have a ready-to-go range of stock, including replacement pumps and other appropriate parts.

Getting the Right Parts for your Pressure Washer

With over 40 years plus of experience, we have established close relationships with the likes of Nilfisk and Karcher meaning it is easier for us to discover the issue and find the right replacement parts to fix it.

We don’t just repair pressure washer brands we are agents for, we also work with makes such as Dirt Driver, Cleanwell, Lavor, Kranzle, Idromatic, Comet, Wap and Gerni.
Britclean‘s range consists of an industrial cold pressure washer and four industrial hot water machines that are available in different voltages which allows us to modify the setup to suit any customer requirements.

Talk to Britclean for your Repair Needs

If you would like to know more about Britclean’s maintenance and repair service, please contact us today.
For a better idea about everything we can do for you, please come and pay our workshop in Stoke on Trent and see for yourself.

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Common Signs Your Pressure Washer Needs Repairing

Here at Britclean, we offer a number of well-known pressure washer brands such as Karcher, Ehrle, Nilfisk plus our own brand.

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our product range, we also understand that sometimes washers will require repairs and maintenance to prolong their life span.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used a pressure washer before, as we have drawn up a handy guide to identifying the most common problems that require repairs or new parts.

Three Pressure Washer Issues We Can Help With

Water Leaking – Water leaking from your pump is one of the most common issues with pressure washers, which is usually caused by either broken seals, loose bolts when the pump is assembled or a broken rubber washer.
For all of these issues, we would recommend contacting Britclean to take a look at your pressure washer to identify the issues and get them fixed in no time.

Electric Pressure Washer Problems – If your machine refuses to start this could be because of a faulty motor or the electric outlet is faulty. During use, if the motor stops running this could be caused by the low voltage which requires checking the voltage in the motor’s specified range.

Oil Leak from the Pump – Oil leaks from the pump are typically caused by loose bolts or fittings which simply need to be checked and tightened. Alternatively, damaged parts such as seals and pistons will have to be disassembled, checked clean and replaced (if required).

Excessive Noise – If your pressure washer is making more noise than usual, this could be because the water intake is blocked, which requires it be checked over, cleaned and replaced, if faulty. A lack of oil in the engine simply requires a checkup and adding a sufficient amount of oil, whereas if there is not enough oil in the pump this will require a more thorough disassembly and an oil check.

Industrial Pressure Washer Repairs from Britclean

With over 30 years of industry experience, Britclean is the only choice for industrial pressure washer repairs. Our team of specialists have the knowledge and equipment to get your machine back up and running again as soon as possible.

We are based in Staffordshire but our services stretch to the nearby counties such as Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. So if you are having issues with your pressure washer, please get in touch today and we can arrange an appointment.

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Understanding Accessories for Pressure Washers

The majority of pressure washers come equipped with standard equipment such as a hose, gun and lance, but there are plenty of accessories available at Britclean that make your cleaning tasking more efficient.

For our latest blog, we are going to share more information about our range of pressure washer accessories.

Take Your Pick of Pressure Washer Accessories

Here are just a handful of our accessories and how they will benefit your pressure washer –

Low-Pressure Nozzles – Typically used in twin lances in order to allow a chemical injector to operate, with most having a 1/4 BSP thread, although other threads are available on request.
High-Pressure Nozzles – The most common nozzles we supply are 1/4 thread with a 15-degree fan pattern, but others are available on request.
Electric Motors for Pressure Washers – Britclean offer a large range of replacement electric motors for brands such as Karcher, Nilfisk, Alto, Kranzle, Edge, Lavor, Mac, Cleanwell and Dirt Driver. We will be able to give you a price based on your model number, although sometimes we may need to see your machine to provide an accurate quote.
Foam Injectors and Lances – Foam injectors make a big difference to a chemical application, creating a foam which clings to the surface which is being cleaned for much longer and improves cleaning results. As with any attachment, it’s vital to get the correct injector and lance size for your machine and they should be used with a foaming chemical to achieve great results.
High-Pressure Hose – High-pressure hoses come in many lengths, diameters, pressure ratings and even colours. We stock the most common hoses and adapters to get your back up and running quickly and most importantly all our hoses are premium quality and built to last.

Got any Questions? Get in Touch

If you have any questions about any of our pressure washer accessories, please contact us today.
We also supply renowned brands of pressure washers such as Nilfisk, Ehrle, Karcher, Interpump Group plus machines manufactured in-house at our premises in Staffordshire.

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Winter Maintenance of Karcher Pressure Washers

The British winter brings dark mornings and evenings plus heavy frost, but using a Karcher pressure washer can help to keep your yard clean.

Here at Britclean, we offer a host of well-known brands such as Karcher, Ehrle, Nilfisk, Interpump plus our own brand of pressure washers.

In our latest blog, we are going to share some storage tips for your pressure washer, to make sure it can be used all year round.

Winterising your Pressure Washer

We are going to focus on essential areas to keep your pressure washer protected from colder conditions


With freezing temperatures at night during the winter, you can’t just pack your pressure washer away and have it spent weeks or months in a shed. You will need to carry out some maintenance tasks so that when it comes to using it again it is working properly.

Four Essential Steps

Flush – Firstly, fill your detergent tank with warm water and if you have a suction tube place it into a warm bottle of water and turn on the pressure washer. This will remove any residual soap and helps to clean the inside of the equipment.
Disconnect – Start disconnecting parts of the pressure washer, removing the lance and hose and drain any water left inside. For the hose, you may be required to drain any leftover water out then coil it up ready for storage.
Power Up – Now power up the pressure washer again, but without the hose and lance connected. This will help to remove the remaining water in the system. Turning it on and rocking the pressure washer gently will ensure all water is blasted out. Do this for 10-15 seconds then turn it off.
Storage – Once all the parts have been removed and water is drained out, you can unplug and coil all hose and power leads up ready for storage. We would recommend keeping your pressure washer in your house, business premises or garage to prevent winter damage from the cold. Not following these steps, can cause cracks to internal pipes or damage to the seals.

Outside Taps

Once your pressure washer is stored away you will need to look at your outside tap. Remember an outside tap can freeze and could burst or cause pipe damage. This can be prevented by using an outside tap jacket which helps to insulate the tap and prevent the cold and frost from freezing it.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you would like to know about Britclean’s range of Karcher pressure washers, please contact us today. Don’t forget we work with clients across Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

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Getting to Know Interpump Industrial Pressure Washers

Interpump industrial pressure washers are just one of the leading brands, that we supply here at Britclean UK.
Interpump Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional high-pressure piston pumps as well as supplying a range of industrial pressure washers.

Established in 1977 by Fulvio Montipo, the company quickly adopted the use of innovative materials, which led to them becoming one of the leaders in the market.
At the start of the 1990s, the business started to develop outside the piston pump sector, leading to the acquisition of other companies who produce industrial cleaning machines and electric motors.

The Interpump Industrial Pressure Washers We Offer

Britclean offers three different Interpump products and here we are going to tell you all about them –
Quicky – This small and compact machine guarantees a great performance, with its pump equipped with ceramic pistons for extended durability. The Quicky also comes with an 8-metre high-pressure hose, gun, lance and chemical injector. Accessories include turbo nozzles, extension hoses and brush heads.
TSX 12/100 – The TSX 12/100 model is a favourite with forecourt valeters because it offers a value for money product. The motor and pump are 1450rpm which increases its lifespan and means the machine will suck its own water from a container if required. The TSX 12/100 is available in manual and automatic versions, with accessories such as a hose reel, extension hoses, turbo nozzles, extending lances, foam injectors and lances plus sandblasting kits, low-pressure injectors, detergents and rotary floor cleaners.
TSX 15/150 – The TSX 15/150 machine is another great money-saving product that’s also popular with forecourt valeters. Much the same as the TSX 12/100, it’s motor and pump are 1450rpm which increases its lifespan and can suck its own water from a container, if necessary. The TSX 15/150 has the same accessories as the TSX 12/100 model and is available in manual and automatic versions.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about any of Britclean’s Interpump industrial pressure washers, please contact us today.
Britclean also offers a number of leading brands of industrial and commercial pressure washers, including Karcher, Ehrle, Nilfisk plus our own brand available for hire or to purchase.