Commercial Vacuum Cleaner in use

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

At Britclean, we believe a cleaner environment provides a clearer mind for everyone. Commercial vacuum cleaners are widely used in most offices, workspaces and sometimes in homes. To explain this further, we will discuss the following 5 reasons why you should consider a commercial vacuum cleaner for your home or business premises.

1) Easy To Use

No matter the area, it will need some kind of vacuuming. In many workspaces, it’s an unavoidable task. These vacuum cleaners are designed to be easy to operate, manoeuvre, and empty. Their structure is quite simple and sturdy, generally made of solid steel and hard plastic. Most vacuum cleaners feature switches, different floor nozzles, and adjustable handles for your needs. Other features include a long hose and wheels allowing the cleaner to follow the operator through different surfaces, such as carpets, to laminate floors with ease.

2) Powerful Performance

A good vacuum cleaner is all down to the suction power. Without enough suction power, dirt and debris are left behind. Alongside the easy-to-use features, this type of vacuum cleaner can have up to two independent motors for higher suction power and a maximum intake performance of up to 2400W for better performance. This means carpet fibres are vacuumed deeper and floors appear cleaner than using a domestic vacuum cleaner.

3) Versatile

An industrial-duty vacuum cleaner can not only be used on dry surfaces but some models can also be used on wet and dry surfaces. Furthermore, these vacuum cleaners can be used in small and large areas. Depending on the size of the area, it can take a long time to vacuum the whole surface. Warehouses and factories in particular have large surface areas to cover. These heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are both adaptable and time-saving while not interfering with performance.

These types of vacuum cleaners can be used in most industries from agriculture, construction and joinery to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food production. Thanks to its high suction power, a specialised vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for cleaning up very fine dust or powder, sawdust, metal particles, food, liquid and chemical spills to name a few. 

4) Improves Health and Safety

With regular heavy-duty vacuuming, there is less build-up of dirt and debris while improving the air quality in your home or workplace. This is particularly important for any family members or employees who experience allergies, as the build-up of dust particles and dust mites can worsen symptoms and lead to sickness. In some industries, a clean and hygienic work environment is vital for health and safety. For instance, removing dirt and dust particles with an industrial duty vacuum cleaner in food production areas, prevent it from entering the food supply chain and causing a dangerous risk to consumers.

5) Cost Effective

Last but not least, investing in this type of vacuum cleaner can be cost effective. The cost of purchase may seem quite expensive but it is well worth the cost when taking into consideration its high performance and durability. Luckily, these vacuum cleaners can also be hired instead of purchased if you’re interested to see what it can do for your home or business. Once you get your hands on an industrial vacuum cleaner, whether purchasing or hiring it, you’ll never want to get rid of it!

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners From Britclean

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should consider a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, it’s time to find one that suits your needs. At Britclean, we are well known for supplying high pressure washers but also for commercial vacuum cleaners. We offer a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners by well established manufacturers including Karcher, Nilfisk, and Numatic. For any enquiries, please fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.