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What should I look for? Pressure or flow

It is a common misconception amongst people planning to purchase a new pressure washer that the only figure which matters is the PSI or BAR rating of the pump. Advertisers are only too aware of this ( especially in the domestic market ) and will over emphasise the pressure rating of a pump whilst hardly mentioning the flow output.

Any time served cleaning contractor or service agent will always advise people considering buying a new pressure washer to pay attention to the pressure AND flow rating of a machine. The aim for most cleaning tasks is to get a good balance of both.

The pressure output of a pump will be given in PSI or BAR, if you need to convert one to the other then 1 BAR is equal to 14.5037738 PSI ( or pounds per square inch ). Make sure when comparing machines that the manufacturer is giving you the working pressure

The flow output of a machine will generally be given in litres per minute if you are in the UK.

Pressure Washers

To put pressure washer and flow ratings into some kind of context:

Domestic pressure washers will usually work at around 120 BAR with flow rates varying from 6 to 9 litres per minute.

Industrial 240 volt pressure washers will usually work at around 100 BAR with flow rates varying from 10 to 12 litres per minute, this is due to the fact that in the UK we are limited to a 13 amp 240 volt supply and this inevitably limits the pressure and flow that can be produced.

Industrial 415 volt or engine driven pressure washers will usually work at around 200 BAR with a flow rate of 15 litres per minute or more, the only limitation really being the size of the motor and pump that is being used.

There are some tasks which may demand very high pressure with a relatively low flow rate such as painted line removal or even cutting, on the other hand a high flow of water with very low pressure is ideal for swilling down as seen on farms with the use of volume washers. At Britclean UK we specialise in high pressure washers which have a good combination of both pressure and flow.

Choose Britclean for Pressure Washers

It is pointless buying a machine that is overpowered for the job you intend it for, but at the same time if you are planning on making a living out of your pressure washer it is of vital importance that you choose the right machine with the correct pressure and flow for your cleaning task – a pump that will give you the cleaning results you require and the reliability your business demands.

If you are unsure about the performance you require for your cleaning task then please contact us and we will be happy to offer our advice.