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Pressure Washer Servicing and Repair from Britclean UK

Most of our customers rely on their pressure washer as part of their daily cleaning routine, for some it is the main way of making a living. Therefore if the pressure washer has a problem then not only is it a major inconvenience – it means there is no income.

Whilst problems can always occur, there are a lot of precautions you can take in order to help minimise their frequency and severity. The first should always be correct use, which is why we offer training – this covers areas such as cooling machines down and using clean fuel etc. The second is having your machine serviced.

Servicing for most pressure washers is not expensive, especially when put into the context of the money it can save in terms of repair bills and lost earnings. If you are located in Staffordshire or the surrounding counties we can either come to you in order to service the machine or you can bring it in to our workshop and save more money.

Servicing for electric hot pressure washers includes: change / clean fuel filters, burner nozzle, electrodes, fuel quality check and tank clean if necessary, boiler check and clean if necessary, fuel pressure check / adjustment, pump pressure check / adjustment, high pressure nozzle, pump oil change and general machine performance check to identify any issues.

Servicing for electric cold pressure washers includes: pump oil change, water filter check / clean, pump pressure check, high pressure nozzle and general machine performance check to identify any issues.

If your machine is engine driven we can also service the engine providing it is a well known brand such as Honda, Yanmar, Briggs and Stratton, Lombardini etc. This may include oil and filter change, air filter change, spark plug change and fuel filter change / quality check.