Karcher jet washer equipment

The Ultimate Guide To Your Karcher Attachments

The average Karcher pressure washer will come with the basic equipment which includes a hose, gun and lance. In some cases, extra attachments may be needed for certain power washing tasks or for more powerful performance. In this article, we will discuss some of the Karcher attachments available from Britclean, including what they are used for and how they can improve your existing Karcher pressure washer. If you are looking to give your Karcher pressure washer an added boost, you have come to the right place!

1) High Pressure Screw Couplings

Many leading UK manufacturers including Karcher have high pressure screw couplings already fitted on their pressure washers. If your Karcher pressure washer is an older version or for some reason doesn’t have one, we can supply you with a high pressure screw coupling for connecting and disconnecting fluid lines. They’re designed to create a tight seal to prevent leaks or spills of water, coolants or other fluids from pressure washer systems. 

Although high pressure screw couplings may all look very similar, it’s essential to know that doesn’t mean it will fit on your Karcher model. These small couplings come in different variations of thread size and inserts. As a result, we recommend you to always check your Karcher machine for size before you buy it.

2) Turbo Nozzles

When the turbo nozzle was introduced, it became a life-changing attachment for power washing. It can increase cleaning performance by up to 30% without putting any extra load on the pressure washer itself. The nozzle releases a very fine jet of water and hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on mud and dirt. This makes it an ideal attachment for outdoor and farm use to power wash exterior walls, animal housing walls, milking parlours and any other stubborn areas. 

Similar to the high pressure screw couplings, it’s essential to use the correct size for your Karcher machine. Due to the amount of power it gives off, there are some areas where a turbo nozzle is not suitable to use. For instance, power washing your car with a turbo nozzle can result in stripping the car paint. There are other attachments more suitable for washing cars.

3) High Pressure Spray Guns

The high pressure spray gun attachment is one of the main parts to any pressure washer. With so many spray guns to choose from, we suggest choosing one, in terms of the pressure rating, quality and fittings for your Karcher machine. What is the thread size? Is it a quick release or screw-in gun? Whatever your requirements, we have a high pressure spray gun in stock to match your power washing needs.

4) Telescopic Lances

For high level cleaning, telescopic lances can be used to power wash at height without the hassle of ladders or scaffolding, thus saving both time and money. A telescopic lance usually consists of a fibreglass pole with an inner high pressure hose running down the centre. They are lightweight and adjustable to different lengths. Telescopic lances can be attached to your Karcher pressure washer and used for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, or for cleaning higher exterior walls or machinery.

Genuine Karcher Attachments From Britclean

We hope this ultimate guide has given you some helpful information on some of our Karcher power washing attachments. When purchasing genuine Karcher attachments from Britclean, we ensure our customers receive the correct inlet fitting or nozzle size to fit their existing Karcher pressure washer. Feel free to browse through all of our attachments in our cleaning accessories range. For more information, please contact us. Our team would be more than happy to advise you on the best Karcher attachments for your needs.