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Getting to Know Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Industrial pressure washers in Shropshire are available from Britclean for hire or purchase, which provide a reliable service that will leave your premises spotless.

Although they are an invaluable cleaning tool most people don’t know too much about pressure washers so, in this post, we will focus on the basics of how they work.

Choosing the Best Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Operating your pressure and water flow refers to the pressure the pump applies to the water as it leaves the nozzle and the volume of water per minute or hour your machine delivers.

The cleaning power of your industrial pressure washer depends on:

  • The operating pressure – which is measured in bar or MPa (Multi-Pressure Automatic)
  • Water flow – which is measured in litres or gallons per minute or hour

It isn’t just pressure which determines if your washer is effective – water volume also plays a pivotal role. For example, high pressure used with a low water volume will produce a powerful and narrow water jet which is ideal for cleaning smaller areas of ingrained dirt, whereas a pressure washer with a larger water volume will clean larger areas for efficiently.

It’s a common error to view an industrial pressure washer with a high-pressure rating as a better choice, whereas if you choose a model based on the areas you want to clean, this will serve you better in the long run.

Talk to the Industrial Pressure Washers in Shropshire

Britclean offers the finest range of industrial pressure washers in Shropshire, which include well-known brands such as Ehrle, Karcher and Nilfisk as well as our own brand.

We pride ourselves on giving you the complete cleaning service which is why we also offer repair, maintenance or training to all of our customers.

If you’d like to know more about our range of industrial pressure washers in Shropshire please get in touch today to speak to our customer service team.

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