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Best Ways to Use Industrial Pressure Washers in Cheshire for Agriculture

Industrial pressure washers in Cheshire will efficiently clean any farmyards, vehicles and equipment and reduce the risk of infections including salmonella and swine dysentery.
Here at Britclean, we work with some of the leading brands of industrial pressure washers including Karcher, with a commitment to providing the most innovative products for our customers.

Cleaning Techniques using Industrial Pressure Washers in Cheshire

Having the highest standards of hygiene on your farm will help you achieve optimal operating results which will benefit your livestock and their health. Animal medication can also be expensive, so giving them a healthy environment to stay will save you money over time.
You need to adopt three types of cleaning to ensure your animal accommodation is the best it can be:

  • Pre-cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Interim cleaning

Five Farmyard Areas to Use Industrial Pressure Washers in Cheshire

There are five areas of your farm where industrial pressure washers will help improve hygiene and living conditions.

Cattle Farming – Pressure washers are the best method to remove faeces and food remains in calf igloos and resting cubicles.

Dairy Cows – Milk storage rooms and rotary milking parlours have a high risk of germs, so using high-pressure washers will keep them clean.

Pig Farming – Cleaning and disinfection of stable areas for pigs is crucial during animal rearing and just before they are relocated.

Poultry Farming – There are two areas where bacteria, viruses and pests flourish in poultry farming that can be cleaned by pressure washers –
– During poultry production and rearing young animals
– Egg production and hatchery disinfection

Sheep, goat and horse rearing – Our industrial pressure washers will provide a deep cleanse of all barns and stable areas, removing droppings and dirty bedding with ease.

Industrial Pressure Washers in Cheshire Maintain Quality

To maintain the highest level of service to your clients you will need to ensure your vehicles such as tractors and harvesters have regular cleaning and maintenance.
Agricultural machines deal with a lot of mud, so using hot water, the high-pressure washer will remove stubborn crusts, oil and grease residues whilst protecting against corrosion.

Britclean – Leading Providers of Industrial Pressure Washers in Cheshire

For over 40 years Britclean has been the leading providers of industrial pressure washers in Cheshire. Through our extensive network of dealers were also able to supply machines throughout the United Kingdom.
If you’d like to know more about our range of commercial and industrial pressure washers, contact us today.

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