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Pressure Washer and Your Car

Using A Pressure Washer To Clean Your Car

With spring here and temperatures on the rise, you will probably want to make sure your car is looking in the best shape possible. There is nothing quite like having the sun glistening off your freshly cleaned and shiny car. 

When it comes to the long and arduous process of cleaning your car; there are many different cleaning utensils at your disposal. From the trusted old buckets and sponge or a variety of cleaning scrapers. But there is one cleaning tool we believe reigns supreme in this regard. 

Being a stockist of premium quality industrial pressure washers in Stoke-on-Trent, you might have guessed what we are referring to. We talk, of course, about the aforementioned pressure washer. 

In this blog, we will go over some of the most effective ways to use your pressure washer to wash your car. For convenience and practicality reasons, we will try to walk you through the procedure in chronicle order. 

Take Off The Initial Layer Of Dirt And Grime 

Before you get deeper into the procedure; you will want to remove the initial layer of dirt and grime with the washer. You will want to adjust the tip to be 5-8cm wide. 

If your washer is set on a high pressure setting; you might want to consider lowering the setting. This is because if the washer is too high then it can damage the paint work on your car and cause chips. Furthermore, when washer your windows, if the setting is too high, it might damage them. 

After you have enacted this technique, a large portion of the dirt or bacteria on your car will be removed. However, you will want to make sure you do not stop there. As that would not be the most effective way to clean your car with a pressure washer. 

Apply A Detergent 

The next step will involve setting the nozzle to the widest possible setting and covering the car in a layer of detergent of your choosing. Detergents do a great job at ensuring your car looks sparkly clean but there are a few caveats. 

After applying the detergent, you will want to let it sit for a few moments. You will do well to not let it settle and dry however. If the detergent remains on for too long without being washed off, you will either be left with blemishes or the detergent can damage the wax coating of your paint. 

Use Your Washer To Remove The Detergent

Using a slightly stronger setting for the paint than the glass, use your washer to wash away the detergent so your car has that glimmering shine. Again, you will want to make sure the washer is on an overall low setting so that you do not damage the paint on your car. 

Use A Brush To Remove The Hard To Get Off Stains 

After washing off the detergent with a low setting on your washer and from a decent enough distance away to ensure that you don’t chip the paint or damage your car. You might want to get a car brush. Apply warm soapy water and use the brush to remove any hard to remove stains.

Clean The Alloys 

When it comes to cleaning your car many people forget to clean their alloys. However, you might be pleased to know that you can effectively use a pressure washer to clean the alloys on your car. Similar to the rest of your car, you can use soap to clean the alloys and then to washer to significantly remove all of the previously accumulated dirt and grime. 

What To Do Now?

Do You Need a pressure washer to clean your car? We supply a diverse and dynamic range of pressure washers including the industry famous karcher pressure washer in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Karcher pressure washer being used on a wooden fence

How Do Pressure Washers Work?

In our previous blogs, we have extensively discussed the different occasions you might use your trusted pressure washer as well as detailing the various types of washers you can obtain. However, one thing we do not talk as much of; is the general ins and outs of how a pressure washer works. 

While we could very quickly delve into the necessary jargon, other technical lingo and the general detailed intricacies of the various mechanisms; we will try to keep things as simple as possible. 

So if you have been using one of our industrial pressure washers in Staffordshire (or anywhere else for that matter) and you have always wondered how they actually work, then you are in luck. Let’s take a look at just how pressure washers work. 

Parts And Equipment 

When you think of the numerous components contained in the pressure washer, you might think that there are technical and hard to remember names being allocated to the parts. But you will be pleased to learn that washer parts are not as overly sophisticated as you might at first think. 

To put it plainly, the water pump which squirts the water out of the hose is powered by an electric motor. The washer takes in ordinary water from the faucet and then the pump accelerates the water through the washer which makes it squirt out of the end of the hose. 

Some of the main parts of the pressure washer include: 

  • Cleaning Attachment- largely dependent on what you are cleaning. You can rotate between a simpler trigger gun, a spinning wand spray or a revolving brush. 
  • Water Pump- the metaphorical beating heart of the pressure washer. The washer pumps water through the rest of the mechanisms.
  • High Pressure Hose- The tube that runs from the washer to the cleaning attachment. The high pressure hose also enables the water to come out at a high pressure. 
  • Water Inlet- A hose that connects the washer to the primary water supply. 
  • Electric Motor Or Gas Engine- depending on your exact model, you will have a gas or electric engine. 

How They Actually Work

Now we have all of the necessary equipment; we can look at just how the moving parts work. We will break down the general working process into various steps to make the information more digestible and easier to understand. 

Step 1- The relevant detergent flows into the container or bottle from one hose. Once this achieved you can move to the next step. 

Step 2-  Then cold water can pass through the faucet directly from the tap. 

Step 3- Simply; ensure a diesel engine or electric powered motor powers the engine of the washer. This step is pretty pivotal.  

Step 4- Then a water impeller (or water pump to use a more common term) draws in the detergent and water. The impeller should then mix these two together. 

Step 5- Water is then heated to between 50-70 degrees Celsius. 

Step 6- Finally the water pump pushes out the freshly prepared hot soapy water at very high pressure. The secure and narrow nozzle helps the pressure of the washer increase. 

Step 7- You can now use your pressure washer as much as you like. 

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Using Your Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance

Using Your Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance

Statistically speaking, homeowner’s spend more time in their garden during spring. This is arguably due the fact that gardeners will have started the intrigue preparations for ensuring your garden looks fantastically ready for the summer. You might not know; but an industry level pressure washer can help to get your garden in the best shape possible. 

At Britclean, your proud supplier of commercial pressure washers and industrial vacuums in Stoke-on-Trent, we understand the importance of maximising your purchase. 

This is why we thought we should take a look at some of the best ways to use your pressure washer for garden maintenance. 

Branch Removal 

During spring, it is not uncommon for leaves and branches to gradually fall from your trees. While it is known that you should use a garden scraper to remove the leaves from your expertly kept grass; it is not as clear as to how to remove loose hanging branches. 

Loosen branches can produce many problems. Whether it be aesthetically, no one wants to see a healthy tree with ill looking branches. Or the obvious safety concerns; when the branch is loose it could fall at any time and potentially injure an incident bystander in the process. 

Luckily, if you happen to have a high power washer to hand, you can use this to remove any branches. There are a few safety tips for this removal process however. 

Firstly, you will want to clear the branch drop zone. As a rule of thumb, you will want to leave a circular of about 12 feet long and wide. The more space you can allow for the branch to drop on safely the better. 

When you start the actual removal process; you do not have to rush it. You might even want to set your washer to a lower setting to start with. If the setting is very high, you could actually rip the branch off and repel it into an unsafe area. 

Decking Cleanliness

Throughout the winter your decking might have been exposed to the elements. Your decking might have seen frost, foreign bodies and even elements of snow. 

Because of this, your decking might have seen it’s fair share of dirt. Potentially the quickest and most effective way to clear the unwanted germs and bacteria is by using the trusty pressure washer. 

We have recently covered in detail the intricate ways of using a pressure washer to clean wood. Additionally, we might recommend mixing one part antibacterial soap and one part hot water in a practically sized bowl. Gently empty some of the contents of the bowl over the decking. Be sure not to drench the wood as this can create problems later. 

Position the hose at a suitable angel and start to pressure wash. You should use overlapping strokes to avoid visible stroke lines. Do not start spraying in the middle of the decking; you should start in one of the corners. 

After you have finished cleaning your washer, it is time to seal the wood. By doing this essential  part of wood maintenance, you protect your wood against the future harmful elements.

Do You Need Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance?  

If you are in the Staffordshire area and require a pressure washer to assist you with  your garden maintenance this spring; do not hesitate to contact us

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner in use

4 Unusual Ways to Use Your Commercial Vacuum

We have recently covered a handful of the most unusual ways to use your pressure washer. We thought, why don’t we look at some of the most unusual ways to use your commercial vacuum?

Britclean being a well renowned business offering easy and affordable commercial vacuum hire in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, we enjoy sharing interesting facts and information about our beloved industry. This is one of the many reasons we have chosen to do this list. 

To clarify, when showcasing these unusual uses of the aforementioned commercial vacuums, most of these could apply to any vacuum. But we are putting particular emphasis on the commercial vacuums. 

Drying Your Decking 

We start with probably the most interesting use to us. We have previously covered how you can use your pressure washer to clean your decking or one of your other wooden flooring, well you can actually use your vacuum to dry the same decking. 

After you have power washed your decking, there can be little puddles of water left which sometimes contain dirt. If left untreated, these puddles sink back into the wood making the decking dirty again. If you hover over these spots before they have had time to settle and dry, you will ensure your decking remains clean and tidy. 

Grooming Your Pets

Grooming your pets can be potentially time consuming and problematic. This results in a lot of pet owners taking their dogs and cats to the professional groomers so they can deal with the access mess and clutter. 

Well we have just the solution for you; use your vacuum cleaner to dispose of any post grooming elements. This can include hair or water that might be lingering.  

Cleaning Your Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

This unconventional use is admittedly a very selective niche. If you do happen to have a hot tub or jacuzzi available, then you might already be the envy of a lot of your friends. If you also use a vacuum to expertly clean your tub and make the luxury item spick and span. 

Creating Art

Creating art as the very rare distinction of appearing on both lists. To create your next masterpiece with a vacuum, you will again need an admittedly dirty canvas to start off with.

You will also need a very able handler of the vacuum machine as creating art with a vacuum is arguably even harder than creating art with a high power pressure washer. Once you have these things at your disposal, you can set out the outline of your next masterpiece. 

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We hope you have found some of these interesting techniques that have been of interest to you. If you do happen to have happen to have a mishap when implementing one of these techniques, just remember that we offer high quality industrial vacuum repairs in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Additionally, we offer exceptional commercial pressure washers in Stoke-on-Trent. 

A man pressure washing a roof window

4 Unconventional Ways to Use a Pressure Washer

We all know the standard uses for commercial pressure washers. We have already covered how you can use a pressure washer to clean surfaces such as wood and the concrete on your driveway. 

However, there are a lot of; shall we say unconventional uses for pressure washers. As a premium supplier of industrial pressure washers from Derbyshire, we enjoy covering all elements of the cleaning process. 

This is why we would like to showcase some of the most unique and unusual ways you can use your pressure washer. 

Cleaning Fish

We thought we might want to start with one of the most unusual uses right off the bat.

Any experienced fisherman, or fisherwoman, would happily inform you that cleaning a fish properly and quickly can present many problems. 

Using a pressure washer is now becoming one of the most effective ways of cleaning fish. It might not surprise you to know that this method is also by far the quickest method of cleaning fish. If  you happen to try this technique, you will have your fish ready to cook in no time. 

Branch Removal

If you have a large garden which is populated with trees and shrubs, you will probably have come across the pain of branches loosening but not coming off. This can present many problems, one of which is the fact that they are very hard or impossible to reach and pull off. 

Luckily, one handy way of removing the previously mentioned annoying branches is by using your high powered washer to push it off. 

When using this admittedly unconventional method, you will want to pay particular attention to safety. 

If you are using the washer to remove any loose hanging branches, we would recommend you always have someone else present and always ensure that there is ample space for branches to fall clear of objects or other people. 

Peeling Potatoes

If you grow impatient when performing the mundane task of peeling your spuds ready for your Sunday dinner, we have just the technique for you.

Take your bag of potatoes, toss them into a crate and pressure wash them until the excess skin peels off. 

Creating Street Art

Creating street art with your pressure washer requires a number of different occurrences. This includes having a street that is particularly dirty and expert handling the washer who also happens to have a certain flair for art and creativity. 

If you do happen to have these however, you are ideally positioned to get to work on creating the next street art masterpiece. 

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If you have any other questions regarding our fantastic services at Britclean from our extensive range of commercial vacuum cleaners to our exceptional commercial pressure washer repairs in Staffordshire, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Nilfisk commercial vacuum repairs Derbyshire

Reasons to Use Commercial Vacuums in Staffordshire

If you work in an industrial or commercial business and the dirt and dust has become too much to bear, it might be worth investing in a commercial vacuum cleaner. 

Commercial vacuum cleaners have many clear advantages compared to general domestic cleaners. At Britclean, we are proud to represent the commercial vacuum industry in Stoke-on-Trent and, more broadly, Staffordshire.  

So if you work in the aforementioned manufacturing industry, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the reasons you should switch to commercial vacuum in 2022.


Commercial vacuums are designed to be long lasting and durable. The average domestic vacuum is estimated to last around 8 years and commercial editions are designed to last much longer than that. 

Made for Heavy Duty

Commercial vacuums are manufactured with the intention of being used for heavy duty purposes. 

Unbeatable Power

It might go without saying but commercial vacuum carry significantly more power.


Commercial vacuums are designed to be incredibly practical. Accompanying the fact that they can hoover much larger areas, because of their aforementioned heavy duty purpose they are a lot less likely to be damaged. 


For those unfamiliar with commercial vacuum cleaners, you might be unaware of the plethora of options available. 

At Britclean, we have three main brands of commercial vacuum cleaners. We would like to highlight each one as well as some of some of their most popular models: 

  • Karcher-Popular Models: CV 62 Commercial Vacuum, NT 70/3 Wet & Dry Vacuum, DE 4002 Steam Cleaner
  • Nilfisk– Popular Models: Aero 21-01PC Wet & Dry, SW 250 Manual Sweeper, Attix 751-11 Wet & Dry
  • Numatic-Popular Models: NVDQ 570 Dry, NVDQ 900, WVD 900 Wet % Dry


Whilst we might not want to admit it, from time to time, things do not go according to plan. If you do happen to be in this position and your vacuum is in need of repair, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer commercial vacuum repairs in Cheshire and Staffordshire. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, we will be able to get you back up and running in no time. As previously stated, if we cannot fix the issue on the day, we will provide you with an alternative whilst we get yours back to exceptional working condition. 

Other Floor Cleaning Products 

Using a commercial vacuum is not the only way to look after your industrial grade floor. At Britclean, we also offer a fantastic range of other floorcare products which include detergent and, of course, pressure washers. 

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If you so happen to be in need of a commercial vacuum or if you have any questions regarding our vacuum services, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Workers pressure washing a floor and a wet floor sign

Taking Care of your Pressure Washer

Research has shown around two fifths of UK citizens spend more time cleaning and performing home DIY during the Christmas period than at any other time of the year. 

We could assume from this that household products are arguably in the best shape they can be at the start of the year, however, what if there is not much attention paid to the care of the pressure washer? 

Luckily, you can look to your local supplier of commercial pressure washers from Staffordshire and Cheshire to give you a few pointers on how to keep your pressure washer looking spick and span in 2022 and beyond.

Before you use your Pressure Washer

First thing is first. Before you start using your washer, you will want to do all the necessary checks and identify anything that might cause a problem. 

Before you even start using your washer you will want to check the fluid levels, the spray and gun and inspect the detergent system. After this you will want to prepare the garden hose. After this, you should be good to go.

Day to Day Maintenance

Getting into a daily or even weekly routine is a great way of looking after your pressure washer. As well as drastically prolonging the life of your washer, it can also massively improve it’s performance. Some ways to do this is by: 

  • Cleaning out your washer after every use- It might go without saying but flushing your washer out after every use is a fantastic way to keep your washer in great condition.
  • Make sure to replace O- Rings when they have seen better days- You might want to consider checking and potentially replacing your O-Rings on a regular or semi-regular basis, you can do this even before the ring has fully degraded. Your washer has multiple O-Rings which are put under immense stress, if these O-Rings start to degrade, they can eventually lead to catastrophic pump failure. 
  • Stabilise your Fuel- If you intend to to not use your washer for a longer period of time, usually anything over a month, you might want to consider adding stabilisers to your gas tank. This is especially true for gasoline models as if you don’t, gasoline can form deposits that can clog up and lead to overheating. 

After Use & Storage

After you have used your pressure washer there are a few techniques you can implement to help give your washer a new lease on life. One of the most important ways you can keep your washer in great condition is by storing it in the correct way.  

Storing your washer for longer periods of time, especially over the winter can prove very problematic. One way you can ensure your washer is ready for the next cleaning project is identifying a place you can store it where there are limited options for accidents. Somewhere dry indoors and away from any other potentially mechanical hazards. 

You will also want to ensure you perform regular maintenance checks, don’t just leave the washer unattended for long periods of time. In the winter months, you might want to use antifreeze or pump lubricants on the seals and pistons, this protects against freezing and damage from mineral deposits. 

Finally, you might want to consider covering your washer with a cover which will not hold moisture. 

Pressure Washer Repair 

Even if you have followed all of our instructions, you might run into problems from time to time. In this case, you might need your washer to be repaired by an expert.

Luckily, at Britclean, we offer commercial pressure washers repair in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Our experts have many years of experience and all the relevant equipment to repair your washer. If we can’t repair your washer, we will order the replacement parts and provide you with an alternative washer until yours is fixed. 

Whilst we are on the topic of repairs, we also offer commercial vacuum repairs in Shropshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. 

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If you have any other questions regarding your pressure washer or even your vacuum, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team of experts will be more than happy to help. 







pressure washing wooden decking

How to clean wood with a pressure washer

Pressure washers are a great way to inject some life into your wood deck or fencing – plus it is a project which can easily be completed in a weekend!

For this blog, Britclean will tell you everything you need to clean wood using a power washer.

Everything you need to clean wood with pressure washers

Here are all the tools you will need to clean wood using a power washer –

  • A gas-powered or electrically powered washer, but don’t forget that the job will take longer with electric ones.
  • A green-tipped nozzle for a 25-degree spray
  • Wood sealer

If this is the first time you have used a pressure washer, we would highly recommend you do a spot test before beginning your project. Most fences and decking is constructed from relative softwoods, such as pine or cedar. It is quite easy to strip off more of the surface than intended.

Our tips to achieve the best results

  • Move the power washer’s wand in an even, up-and-down motion
  • For an even cleaning experience, try not to let the spray linger in any one place. Once you get the hang of it, you may need to make a couple of passes over the same spot. This is a much better option than getting too aggressive and damaging the wood.
  • Don’t stop the spray in the middle of the board, just wait until you are at the top or bottom
  • Do not start spraying in the middle of the board
  • Use overlapping strokes to avoid visible lines

Once you have finished pressure washing, it is time to seal the wood to protect it from the elements. Just make sure the wood has dried for at least a day first.

Need more information? Contact us now

If you need more information about pressure washers from Britclean, please get in touch with us now. We offer power washers for purchase and hire, including leading brands such as Karcher and Nilfisk.

Don’t take our word for it, read some of our Customer Testimonials.

Pressure washing away dirt on a wooden panel

What is the best size for pressure washers?

No matter what type of pressure washer you choose from our selection here at Britclean, you will need to make an informed decision about the size of the engine.

Like any other engine-powered machine, the size of the engine determines the total power of the unit. Smaller engines will not be able to produce the water pressure or the gallon-per-minute output of larger engines.

For this blog, we will talk you through the four different engines for pressure washers.

What are the different engines for pressure washers?

Light-duty power washers – Light-duty washers produce water levels below 2000 PSI, making them the best choice when cleaning the occasional outdoor household item, a small deck or a patio.

Medium-duty power washers – Planning to clean your home’s siding, driveway or fencing – you may want to consider using a medium-duty cleaner. This type of pressure washer produces water pressure levels of between 2000 and 2800 PSI.

Heavy-duty power washers – If you are planning to clean large areas of concrete or needing to reach a second story, using a heavy-duty washer may be your best bet. They reach pressure levels of between 2900 and 3300 PSI.

Professional power washers – If you are planning to do plenty of pressure washing on tasks such as preparing your home’s exterior for a repainting job – consider buying or hiring a professional-grade washer. The extra-heavy-duty engine is designed specifically to handle big jobs that could take hours to complete. These power washers produce water pressure levels of 3300 PSI and higher.

No matter which pressure washer you choose, don’t forget to take the GPM measurement into account.

Hire or purchase a pressure washer from Britclean now

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog, if you have any questions about our range of power washers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of specialists will be more than happy to help.

Close-up of a pressure washer in use

Giving your home’s exterior a fresh look with pressure washers

As the seasons change we often get the urge to change up the look and feel of our homes. Rejuvenating your property can come in different forms, including using pressure washers from Britclean.

With spending so much time at home over the past 12 months or so, many of us are starting to reassess our homes and how we can improve them.

For this blog, Britclean will share some tips to get your creative juices flowing and add some class to your home without going over budget.

Decorative Window Film

Installing a decorative window film is an easy alternative to etched or stained glass. This can enhance the look of your windows and provide extra privacy too.

Although it is beautiful, etched and stained glass can be very expensive whereas a window film can give you a similar look and privacy at a fraction of the price.

You will also have more freedom to change up the patterns and colours easier plus they can be a temporary or permanent solution for your glass.

Pressure washers for your home

Pressure washing the exterior of your property will help add sparkle and restore natural beauty. Just like anything else that is constantly exposed to the elements, your home will get dirty and sometimes it goes unnoticed over a space of time.

A thorough pressure wash can yield surprising results, especially if it’s been a while since it was last cleaned.

Pressure washing is also a great preventative measure against mould and rot. When dirt or mud stays on the surface of your property for a considerable amount of time, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This can lead to structural damage, with pressure washing loosening and removing debris and bacteria which helps to safeguard your home.

Revive your driveway and sidewalks

Concrete around your home can also get dirty and discoloured over time. Comprehensive cleaning of your walkways and driveway can completely transfer the front of your home. You could be surprised just how bright and sparkling your driveway looks after a proper clean.

Cleaning hard surfaces around your home prevent the proliferation of mould and mildew, just like your home’s exterior.

Know the worth of your home

These cost-effective ideas will give your home the fresh new look you desire.

If you need some help with hiring or purchasing pressure washers, contact Britclean and find the perfect machine for you.