Using Your Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance

Using Your Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance

Statistically speaking, homeowner’s spend more time in their garden during spring. This is arguably due the fact that gardeners will have started the intrigue preparations for ensuring your garden looks fantastically ready for the summer. You might not know; but an industry level pressure washer can help to get your garden in the best shape possible. 

At Britclean, your proud supplier of commercial pressure washers and industrial vacuums in Stoke-on-Trent, we understand the importance of maximising your purchase. 

This is why we thought we should take a look at some of the best ways to use your pressure washer for garden maintenance. 

Branch Removal 

During spring, it is not uncommon for leaves and branches to gradually fall from your trees. While it is known that you should use a garden scraper to remove the leaves from your expertly kept grass; it is not as clear as to how to remove loose hanging branches. 

Loosen branches can produce many problems. Whether it be aesthetically, no one wants to see a healthy tree with ill looking branches. Or the obvious safety concerns; when the branch is loose it could fall at any time and potentially injure an incident bystander in the process. 

Luckily, if you happen to have a high power washer to hand, you can use this to remove any branches. There are a few safety tips for this removal process however. 

Firstly, you will want to clear the branch drop zone. As a rule of thumb, you will want to leave a circular of about 12 feet long and wide. The more space you can allow for the branch to drop on safely the better. 

When you start the actual removal process; you do not have to rush it. You might even want to set your washer to a lower setting to start with. If the setting is very high, you could actually rip the branch off and repel it into an unsafe area. 

Decking Cleanliness

Throughout the winter your decking might have been exposed to the elements. Your decking might have seen frost, foreign bodies and even elements of snow. 

Because of this, your decking might have seen it’s fair share of dirt. Potentially the quickest and most effective way to clear the unwanted germs and bacteria is by using the trusty pressure washer. 

We have recently covered in detail the intricate ways of using a pressure washer to clean wood. Additionally, we might recommend mixing one part antibacterial soap and one part hot water in a practically sized bowl. Gently empty some of the contents of the bowl over the decking. Be sure not to drench the wood as this can create problems later. 

Position the hose at a suitable angel and start to pressure wash. You should use overlapping strokes to avoid visible stroke lines. Do not start spraying in the middle of the decking; you should start in one of the corners. 

After you have finished cleaning your washer, it is time to seal the wood. By doing this essential  part of wood maintenance, you protect your wood against the future harmful elements.

Do You Need Pressure Washer For Garden Maintenance?  

If you are in the Staffordshire area and require a pressure washer to assist you with  your garden maintenance this spring; do not hesitate to contact us

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