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Karcher Pressure Washers from the UK’s leading supplier of high-pressure high-quality cleaning equipment. We stock some of the worlds biggest manufacturers as well as our own Britclean range

karcher pressure washers in derbyshire

Why Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire are Ahead of the Competition…

The Karcher name is synonymous with quality and high performance which has elevated them as the global market leader for cleaning technologies. Since their early beginnings, they’ve striven for innovation and global domination, they’re currently sold in 67 countries and by 110 companies, with Britclean being one of those! Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire are available to hire or for purchase from us directly and we’re extremely proud of our range and reputation for a quality service.

Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

The choice of Karcher pressure washer in Derbyshire is entirely up to you and your needs. Here at Britclean, we stock a huge range of hot and cold pressure washers designed to tackle every cleaning project. Whether you work in the commercial or industrial sector, our high-performance cleaning machines make light work of removing dirt and debris from your vicinity. Improving the appeal of your shop or the safety of your industrial site. Additionally, Karcher pressure washers have been used in domestic capacities as well, helping to clear out guttering, decking, fence panels, driveways and so much more. The versatility of a Karcher pressure washer is what makes them the stand out choice for cleaning equipment.

Get in Touch for Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

So, for Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire look no further than Britclean. Through our years of experience, we’ve helped customers all over the county find the perfect solution for tricky cleaning situations. We have a huge selection of Karcher washers to choose from, hand-picked to ensure there is a solution to match everyone’s requirements.

In addition to our range of washers, at Britclean we offer an unbeatable aftercare service which includes training, servicing and repairs. Therefore, for the highest quality equipment and an unbeatable service, get in touch today for Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke

Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke: Ultimate Cleaning Power

For commercial or industrial pressure washers, why settle for anything less than the leading manufacturer. Here at Britclean we hold an extensive range of hot and cold Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke on Trent. Opting for a Karcher pressure washer, you’ll be getting a versatile and easy to use cleaning machine that is universally known and used across a number of industries. Karcher pride themselves on providing customers with the ultimate cleaning power that is tough and has low operational costs. With Karcher you’re are guaranteed quality!

Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke Tackling the Toughest Jobs

Karcher Pressure Washers are the ideal solution for everyday cleaning jobs, but they excel outdoors. Karcher pressure washers in Stoke bring the best out of you home, tackling several cleaning problems around your property. They make all the difference when cleaning your patio, paving and driveways. Clearing your roof and guttering as well as cleaning your outdoor decking and fencing has never been easier.

Additionally, Karcher pressure washers are one of the eco-friendliest and fuel-efficient products on the market. They are up to 35 times more powerful than a regular garden hose, these pressure washers make short work of any hard to remove dirt. Amazingly, they also use up to 50% less water than a garden hose!

Contact us for Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke

Reliable, high performance and great value for money! Karcher pressure washers in Stoke provide and deliver the perfect clean every time you use it. Over the years we’ve sold and hired out hundreds of these brilliant machines to a variety of customers and a range of industries, with our customers coming back time and time again.

If you would like more information about out our Karcher Pressure Washers in Stoke, please get in touch with us right away. Our helpful and friendly team are on hand with the experience to find the right pressure washer for you.

Pressure Washer Sales

First Choice for Pressure Washer Sales

When you are looking to buy a pressure washer, then Britclean is the first choice for pressure washer sales. We sell and hire out pressure washers of all varieties, and with 40 years of experience behind us you can be assured that we have the right machine to meet your cleaning requirements. Whether you are looking for a small commercial pressure washer which provides a spray of cold water for occasional use, or a powerful petrol or diesel driven machine for heavy use in places without a power supply. We’ve got everything you need.

Pressure Washer Sales of Top Brands

We stock all the famous names in our pressure washer sales department. The range of cleaning options that we have is second to none. From cold spray and hot spray or the capability to add detergents at the press of a button. You’ll find Karcher, Nilfisk, Ehrle, Interpump, and our own manufactured Britclean branded pressure washers to choose from. There are <atitle=”Reconditioned Pressure Washers” href=”https://www.britclean.co.uk/reconditioned/”>reconditioned models if you’re looking for a great value and performance. Should you have specific requirements then we can also custom build pressure washers to ensure you get exactly what you need. Keep your home or business sparkling clean with a pressure washer from Britclean.

Looking to Buy? Call Our Pressure Washer Sales

There’s no hard sell at Britclean with our pressure washer sales. We are a family run business who are here to provide you with the best possible advice and great value cleaning equipment. We repair, build, hire, and sell pressure washers. There is nothing we don’t know about how this equipment runs and its range of capabilities. Britclean are more than happy to impart this knowledge to you so that you can make the most informed and best possible choice. Please contact us for pressure washer sales in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and the surrounding areas.

Pressure washer repairs

Pressure Washer Repairs and Services

Is your pressure washer broken or not working effectively? Has the power gone out of your pressure washer? You may not want or need to buy a new one, but Britclean are here with a full range of pressure washer repairs and services.
If your pressure washer has stopped working completely, then we have a longstanding reputation in the field of pressure washer repairs. Based from our workshop in Stoke-on-Trent our engineers have the tools, spares, and expertise to get your power washer back to full working order. Maybe you suspect something isn’t working correctly and would like someone to inspect it and give the pressure washer an assessment and service. If it’s an important part of your daily work or for your cleaning jobs outside in the garden, Britclean is here to service and repair your machine.

Experts in Pressure Washer Repairs Since 1978

Ever since Cyril Chadwick founded the company back in 1978, pressure washer repairs have been at the centre of Britclean’s services. Whether you have one of our own pressure washers or one by a leading brand like Karcher or Nilfisk. You can either get your machine booked in and bring it to us for a repair, but we also have a mobile service where our engineers can come to your site. This may be preferable as industrial and commercial pressure washers can be large and difficult to transport off site. If you use multiple machines, our mobile engineer can service them in sequence to ensure minimal downtime and disruption.

Get in Touch for Specialist Pressure Washer Repairs

Britclean can carry out all types of pressure washer repairs in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire. We are here to assist domestic and commercial customers to keep their pressure washers in top working condition. To make an enquiry or to book a repair with us please contact us today.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

Supplying Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

For a comprehensive choice of Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire, look no further than Britclean. Karcher is a brand with a global reputation as a leader in the field of cleaning equipment. Since introducing the first hot water high-pressure cleaner (the DS 350 steam jet) to the European market back in 1950. They have become renowned for products of clever design, functionality, high build quality and reliability. Britclean are a UK supplier of Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire.

Commercial and Domestic Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

For domestic usage, most households in Derbyshire require a pressure washer which is easy to move around and provides a powerful jet of cold water. A Karcher pressure washer of this type draws water from an outside tap, but the fine water spray at a high discharge makes light work of cleaning cars, patios, decking and children’s plastic garden toys.
Commercial and industrial uses for Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire tend to be more robust. Industries like haulage, agriculture, and construction and vehicle repairs have some tough dirt and grime to tackle. Karcher has professional standard power washing equipment to deliver a bigger velocity of water jet. Diesel fired internal boilers heat the water economically and detergents can be added where deep cleaning is required. The combination of hot water and detergents are sometimes needed within commercial and industrial environments to break down chemical compounds, blasting away debris and killing germs in the process. An array of attachments including extension hoses, turbo nozzles, extending lances, foam injectors, sand blasting kits, low pressure injectors, detergents, and rotary floor cleaners make for a highly adaptable cleaning system.

Contact Britclean For Karcher Pressure Washers in Derbyshire

Britclean are the premier suppliers of Karcher pressure washers in Derbyshire. Wherever you are in the county, whether it is for domestic or commercial use, make Britclean your first choice for help and advice in choosing your new Karcher pressure washer. To find out more please get in touch.

Karcher Pressure Washers for Home and Work

Karcher pressure washers are all about cleaning performance. They have a wide variety of models ideally suited to your cleaning requirements. The key to successful cleaning and making the job as easy as possible is by matching the water pressure and output volume. When these are synchronised, seemingly difficult tasks become a breeze! Whether you are carrying out general cleaning tasks around your home, washing vehicles, or taking on a major cleaning challenge at work. There is a Karcher pressure washer perfectly suited to the job. Isn’t it about time you discovered the cleaning power of Karcher pressure washers from Britclean?

A Big Choice of Karcher Pressure Washers

Britclean are pressure washer experts. The business was founded on the inspitational cleaning performance of a pressure washer back in 1978. Since then, we have accrued an unrivalled knowledge and experience of these amazing pieces of equipment. This also applies to Karcher pressure washers. You can enjoy the first class cleaning power of the Karcher Commercial and Professional Pressure Washer ranges.

Giving you the choice of hot and cold jet washing with different power capacities. Karcher is one of the most popular brands for cleaning equipment due to their performance, build quality and choice of models. Britclean have a fantastic range of Karcher pressure washers for you to choose from. You have the option to buy or hire from us.

Choose Britclean for Karcher Pressure Washers

For impartial advice on Karcher pressure washers you have come to the right place with Britclean. Our team of experts are on hand to help you find the right machine for your cleaning requirements. You can buy Karcher machines and we also have flexible hire options, too. For further information and to enquire with us, please get in touch today.

Karcher Pressure Washers For Easy Cleaning

Karcher pressure washers are a trusted name in the field of power washers and cleaning machines. Since entering the cleaning market in 1950, Karcher has continued to innovate and develop its pressure washers and cleaning equipment. It is now recognised and a global brand leader in providing quality cleaning solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial environments.
Britclean supplies a big range of Karcher pressure washers. Describing themselves as innovative, competent, and reliable, we can help you find the right Karcher pressure washers to suit the job you will be undertaking.

Karcher Pressure Washers for all Cleaning Tasks

Karcher Pressure Washers

Compact models like the Karcher HD 5/11 P Commercial Cold Pressure Washer have many of the features and benefits of bigger and more expensive machines. Lightweight and portable and electrically powered. This is ideal for domestic use and smaller commercial power washing tasks. With a series of professional standard accessories and attachments, this is one of the entry level Karcher pressure washers which performs well above its stature.


karcher pressure Washers

For great all round hot water cleaning power, the Karcher HDS 6/12c Commercial Hot Pressure Washer fits the bill. The diesel fired boiler allows the unit to operate independently. Users recommend its efficiency, and it will crank up to 120 bars of pressure delivering 8 litres per minute of pure jet washing power.
You can see the full range of Karcher pressure washers available on the Britclean website. With twelve models to choose from getting the right one for your budget and cleaning requirements is easy.

Ask Britclean About Karcher Pressure Washers

Britclean have four decades of experience in providing the best quality floor cleaning solutions. We are a family run business, so when you want to speak to us about Karcher pressure washers you will be drawing upon the expertise of our small but highly experienced and knowledgeable team.
We can help you find exactly what you need, please contact us today.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Cheshire


Karcher is one of the biggest names when it comes to providing pressure washers in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, and here at Britclean we have over 30 years in the cleaning industry. These two factors together mean that when you choose us for Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire, you can be assured that you are choosing reliability and quality every time!

karcher pressure washers in cheshire

Britclean Are Suppliers of Karcher Pressure Washers in Cheshire

When you’re looking for Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, you can count on Britclean to offer a full range of great services. Not only can we advise you on which Karcher pressure washers in Chesire would be perfect for your needs, we can also offer servicing and repairs on your Karcher pressure washer thoughout the lifetime of the equipment!
There are many benefits of choosing Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire from Britclean. A regular garden hose will give about 4 bar of pressure; Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire operate at about 160 bar, which is 40 times more powerful! This means that dirt, oils, and grime are blasted away from the surface, leaving it squeaky clean.
As well as this, when you choose Britclean for Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire, you can save money as the units use up to 80% less water than manual cleaning methods. That’s a lot of water and money saved in the long run!

Get in Touch Today for Karcher Pressure Washers in Cheshire

If you’d like any further information, or need any help in choosing which Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire are right for your needs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or look at our guide!
If you’re not in the market to purchase Karcher pressure washers in Cheshire, we do also offer a flexible hire service, as well as full training in safe and correct use of the equipment, and full pressure washer servicing and repair which can extend the lifespan of your pressure washer.

Karcher Pressure Washers from Britclean

Karcher pressure washers are well known for their cleaning power and their range of models for all cleaning situations. Karcher is a trusted brand when it comes to jet washing.

Karcher Pressure Washers for Jet Washing Power!

No cleaning job is too big or too small for Karcher Pressure Washers! Starting with the compact and agile Karcher HD5/11 P Commercial Cold Pressure Washer this is the perfect starting commercial model for regular and moderate use. With an array of attachments and accessories available you will cut through the dirt in no time!

Karcher Pressure Washers
If more robust mobile cleaning is required an intermediate model like the Karcher HDS 10/20 4m Professional Hot Pressure Washer gives you the hot cleaning you need with 20% reduced fuel consumption form its diesel powered boiler.

Where serious cleaning performance on a daily basis is required from your Karcher pressure washer the fixed Karcher HDS 9/14 4st Eco Pressure Washer unit is what you need. Ideal for cleaning applications where pressure washing and disinfecting has to be done regularly to high standards such as in the food industry or in sanitary areas. This stationary Karcher pressure washer delivers a massive 180 bars of pressure while expelling 20 litres per minute of hot water cleaning power.
There are many benefits to using Karcher Pressure Washers. Even the entry level models provide a massive increase in water spraying power when compared to a standard hose. They also are more economical with the volume of water they use when compared to garden hoses and hand washing. This is great news for the environment when we are all encouraged to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles. The extra jet washing power in a Karcher pressure washer also makes cleaning more efficient, saving time and money for your business.

Choose Britclean for Karcher Pressure Washers

Since 1978 Britclean has specialised in the supply and maintenance of industrial cleaning equipment. We have the experience you can trust. If you would like to know more about Karcher Pressure Washers then please get in touch.

Why Choose Karcher Pressure Washers?

Quite simply, Karcher pressure washers are the most powerful, eco-friendly cleaning machines in the world and decades of research has gone into creating the ultimate high pressure cleaning solutions. At Britclean, we have a huge range to choose from including both hot and cold pressure washers for indoor and outdoor cleaning projects. We supply pressure washers to both homes and businesses across Staffordshire and we specialise in both sales and repairs. Karcher pressure washers are the number one choice all over the world and remain our most popular brand.

Karcher Pressure Washers Staffordshire

Number One for Karcher Pressure Washers in Staffordshire

As well as offering incredible cleaning power, Karcher pressure washers also offer an environmentally friendly solution compared to a regular hose. This is largely due to a more concentrated use of water which uses 50% less while also being 50% more efficient. Karcher pressure washers save you the holy trio of time, effort and money making them a fantastic choice for businesses. Karcher currently have over 1300 models available, with each one being designed for maximum efficiency and first class performance.

Get Your Karcher Pressure Washers From Britclean Today

Nobody in Staffordshire has a larger selection of Karcher pressure washers for hire and for sale than Britclean. We have brand new machines as well as reconditioned ones all available at fantastic prices compared with our national competitors. Britclean also offer servicing and repairs on all makes and models of pressure washers thanks to our highly skilled team of engineers and technicians. You are more than welcome to visit us in Staffordshire, where you can see a demonstration of our products and get any advice you need. Alternatively, you can browse our products on the main website or get in touch with us here for more information about any of our products or services.