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Industrial Pressure Washers Stoke:

We know if you’re looking for Industrial Pressure Washers Stoke you need high quality, powerful products that can make your power washing easy! That’s why here at Britclean with over 30 years experience, we stock a wide range of Industrial Pressure Washers Stoke, to ensure you find the right model for your industry needs. From small Industrial hand held models, right through to the much larger and more heavy weight types, there is sure to be the right level of voltage and power to satisfy the needs of your business in Stoke. Our industrial models in Stoke are designed for heavy every day use, and are available in manual and automatic versions, some with the capacity to suck water if required.

Industrial pressure washers in Stoke

Safely Using Industrial Pressure Washers

If you've never used a pressure washer before we offer specialist training or you can follow our quick 7 step guide to ensure it's being used safely 

1. Connect your pressure washer to a water source

2. Turn the hose on then release the trigger until water runs freely then make sure the nozzle is turned to the ground as some washers have an initial burst of water.

3. Move the high-pressure jet back and forth over the surface to loosen the dirt.

4. While cleaning make sure all the connectors are tight and there's no leaks.

5. If you're struggling to shift dirt, turn the pressure washer up to the most powerful setting

6. Rinse off with a low pressure

7. Finally, don't use on tiling or block paving as this will damage the sand joints.

Types of Industrial Pressure Washers Stoke:

We stock a range of trusted industrial brands in Stoke including Nilfisk, Karcher, Ehrle and our own established brand of Britclean Industrial pressure washers available in Stoke. Our products come in a variety of hot and cold models, with adjustable settings, to ensure that you can tailor your industrial pressure washer to exactly to your requirements.

Contact us for Industrial Pressure Washers Stoke:

Why not browse through our extensive selection of industrial pressure washers in Stoke, by clicking here. Alternatively, contact our dedicated Britclean team in Stoke for any queries or question that you may have.