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Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Vacuums

Britclean work with a number of leading brands of industrial vacuums, including Nilfisk, Karcher and Numatic International.

Choosing the best model for your floor care can be a tricky task, especially if you haven't used an industrial vacuum before. We often get asked plenty of questions about our range of vacuums and pressure washers, which is why we have devised this handy FAQ to help answer all of your questions in one place.

Can I Use an Industrial Vacuum to clean up Leaves?

We would recommend using a multi-purpose vacuum (such as a Karcher model) for individual dry leaves but not for large amounts of leaves. Hard or wet leaves could quickly lead to blockages in both the suction hose and container inlet.

What Should I Do if the Main Filter quickly becomes clogged with fine dusting when vacuuming?

Always use a filter bag when vacuuming fine dust.

What Should I do if my industrial vacuum starts emitting dust?

Check the suction hose is inserted properly and there are no defects then ensure the filter is in place and no defective. Finally, use a filter bag.

What Happens if my Vacuum Stops Working?

Replace the filter bag, clean the cartridge filter/flat pleated filter, suction pipe, nozzle and suction hose then replace the seals if necessary.

What Should I Do If My Vacuum Turns Itself Off?

Your machine will switch itself off when the dirt receptacle is too full. If the filling level probe and casing are wet, this can cause a moisture path to form. You should allow the device to dry out and clean the filling level probe.

What Should I do If the Suction Turbine Turns Off During Wet Vacuum Cleaning?

Remove the cartridge filter and empty the container and if there is water in the cartridge filter, allow this to dry.

What If the Power Tool Stops Working?

First check the power outlet then get in touch with Britclean and we can advise on the best course of action.

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