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What Pressure Washer Accessories are Available?

There are a number of accessories available to help you realise the full potential of your power washers from Britclean.

Sometimes buying accessories in bulk when you purchase a power washer is more cost-effective and it is better to understand how they can help first. This is where we can help, with this handy guide to all of the accessories a pressure washer can use.

Explaining Accessories for Power Washers

Here is a brief breakdown of the accessories that can be used with a power washer –

Lances – Most washers come with a basic lance that is suitable for most tasks, but others are available for specific tasks such as different surfaces.

Detergents – Detergent can be used to shift tough muck or grime. A number of detergents have a specific formula that suits the surface you are cleaning. These will help to penetrate the dirt plus they can also protect and maintain your outdoor living spaces.

Patio Cleaners – Patio cleaners are great for cleaning patios and decking as the rotating nozzles cover a larger surface than a lance alone. They also provide a faster clean than a lance and as the cleaner hovers over the surface you will benefit from a much more even clean.

Foam Nozzles – Foam nozzles are a simple way to apply detergent. The detergent is applied to the surface as a thick foam which clings to surfaces and allows more time for the formulae to work. This can be quite useful for cleaning vertical surfaces like cars.

Brushes – Brushes that attach to the power washer guns are essential for tackling stubborn dirt on sensitive surfaces like woodwork and vehicles.

Extending Hose – If you are working away from the water supply tap you may need a heavy-duty professional hose which adds length to your water supply hose. They will need to be hooked up to your tap and pressure washer with connectors.

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