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Your Guide to Pressure Washing Patios

Adding a patio or decking to your garden creates a fantastic outdoor space for entertaining and dining. Using pressure washers to clean your decking or patio will prevent the build-up of dirt and algae.

Read our latest blog for a simple guide on cleaning decking and patio slabs using a pressure washer.

Jet washers help you to skip the hard work of using a manual scrubbing brush, as their powerful pump and narrow nozzle blast water in a forceful spray. This will remove dirt and grime from paving slabs fast plus it is more efficient than your regular garden hose.

6 Steps to Pressure Washing Your Patio

  1.  Clear your patio, removing all furniture, ornaments and pots.
  2. Use a broom to brush away any loose debris such as leaves and dirt.
  3. Connect your hose and make sure that water is running freely before you start cleaning. Allow water to flow through the washer to remove any airlocks. If you are using a hose reel it needs to be fully unwound and free of kinks to ensure constant water flow. You will need two universal connectors and a tap adaptor for your garden tap to connect your hose.
  4. Connect your jet washer to the mains electricity supply then turn it on to pressurise the system.
  5. Before you begin cleaning your patio, apply some detergent to the surface to help dissolve dirt and make the patio easier to clean. A number of detergents have special properties that help reduce the build-up of dirt in the future plus it will protect your surfaces from weather damage. You can purchase specific detergents for stone, wood and vehicles, with each specially designed to suit that particular task.
  6. Dirt and organisms such as lichens can be difficult to remove using a standard lance or patio cleaner. Most power washers come with a rotary pencil jet nozzle which provides up to 80% more power. Switching this lance will ensure even the most stubborn dirt can be removed. Please note that the increased power of these lances means they should only be used on hard surfaces like stone or brickwork whereas sensitive surfaces such as wood or vehicle paintwork could be damaged when cleaned with this type of lance.

Hire or Buy Pressure Washers from Britclean

If you are looking to hire or purchase a pressure washer for cleaning your patio, get in touch with Britclean today.

We work with the finest range of pressure washers, including renowned brands such as Karcher, Ehrle and Nilfisk and have been working with customers across Staffordshire and Cheshire for over 40 years.

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