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Can Pressure Washers Damage Concrete or Pavers?

Cleaning is one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal immediately or improve outdoor living spaces without hitting you too much in the pocket.

You will notice a huge difference after using a pressure washer on your concrete, bricks or paving stones; especially if they are dirty from years of neglect or if they have mould or algae growing on them.

Pressure washing is the best way to clean hardscapes, and the good news is that you can clean concrete, paving stones or bricks with a power washer. This is a convenient piece of equipment that is available to purchase or hire from Britclean.

The basics of power washing are easy to pick up, but there are some safety tips you will need to follow to ensure you do not hurt yourself, someone else or your property.

The Dangers of Incorrecting Using Pressure Washers

Some pressure washer horror stories include stripping paint off of houses, ripping off siding and shingles, damaging wood decks, destroying car paint jobs plus causing serious injuries.

The problem does not lie with pressure washing itself, more with inexperienced folks who may choose the wrong nozzle, use higher pressure than needed or simply not understand how powerful a pressurised stream of water can be.

If used incorrectly, power washers can cause significant damage in the form of pitting, lines or general surface degradation. It is also possible to damage the mortar between bricks and disperse the joint sand between paving stones. With regards to concrete, slabs installed less than 12 months ago are more likely to be damaged than older slabs.

This type of damage is often caused by using the wrong nozzle, using a higher pressure than needed, holding the wand too close to the surface of the hardscape or directing the spray at the same place for too long.

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