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How To Setup a Karcher Jet Washer

If you have never owned a Karcher jet washer before and aren’t sure how to work it we have got you covered. In our latest blog, Britclean is going to talk you through the process.

Using a Pressure Washer for the First Time

Setting up a Karcher pressure washer is really simple, all you need is a water supply and somewhere safe to plug it in.

Every Karcher jet washer from Britclean comes with a standard hose pipe adapter but if you are drawing from a water bucket, the suction hose and filter kit fit directly onto your machine.

A mains fed garden hose pipe should be at least 15 metres long, which will help you an even supply by using the free-flowing hose pipe adapter on the end of your hose.

Connect the water supply and turn on the tap then squeeze the trigger until the water is running freely through the machine in a steady stream. This will remove airlocks in the system. Now connect to a power source, turn on your jet washer at the switch and you will hear the motor activate for a few seconds then stop.

This is quite normal, it is just your machine pressurising itself.

Packing Your Karcher Jet Washer Away

To pack your Karcher pressure washer away, turn off the machine and turn off your water supply. Pull the trigger to release the remaining pressure and then remove the hose pipe from the machine.

Remove the high-pressure hose and to flush through the last few drops of water left in the pump. Turn the machine back on for 5 seconds and then turn it off again. This is especially important during the winter period.

Your pressure washer can now be stored away ready for its next jet washing adventure.

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