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Industrial Vacuum Repair Stoke from the UK’s leading supplier of high-pressure high-quality cleaning equipment. We stock some of the worlds biggest manufacturers as well as our own Britclean range

industrial vacuum in Stoke on Trent

Best Uses of an Industrial Vacuum in Stoke

Industrial vacuums in Stoke on Trent from Britclean, can be used in wide range of industries that need large areas of cleaning.

An industrial vacuum in Stoke, is a real time saver as one cleaner can cover more space in a shorter time compared to traditional methods of cleaning. Keeping the workplace free of dust, dirt, mites or any other allergens. Remember an unclean or contaminated area can lead to rise in diseases and health issues for your staff.

Britclean give you the option to hire or purchase an industrial vacuum, so if you only need to use one occasionally or as part of your everyday routine. Britclean has the solution for you.

Keep up High Standards with an Industrial Vacuum in Stoke

Many industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, have housekeeping as a regulatory requirement. Not complying with these regulations could lead to your business being handed hefty fines. But this can all be taken care of with one of our industrial vacuums.

Here at Britclean, we use some of the leading manufacturers of industrial vacuums in Stoke, including Karcher, Nilsfisk and Numatic – with many diverse options available including regular dry vacuums to wet and sit on vacuums the cleaning possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

Contact us about Industrial Vacuums in Stoke

Britclean have been providing the best variety and quality collection of industrial vacuums in Stoke, for hire and to buy for the past 25 years and counting.

If you’d like to know more about our range on industrial vacuums, please contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team. Alternatively you can also pay our public showroom in Stoke a visit and see our range for yourself.

Don’t forget we also provide commercial vacuum repair, industrial pressure washers to areas close to Stoke on Trent, such as other parts of Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

Value for money commercial vacuum repair in Stoke

You may not know we offer commercial vacuum repair in Stoke on Trent here at Britclean.

Given that our commercial vacuums are designed to be used on average for five days a week and up to five hours a day, sometimes breakages and accidental damages are unavoidable.

If a vacuum machine we have supplied has not lived up to its billing, we feel it is our duty to provide repair service to save you money in the long run, by not having to buy another vacuum right away.

In the Winter our carpets can become that bit dirtier as we trail in the remnants of mud and puddles on the soles of our shoes, meaning extra work for your vacuum to keep the place looking pristine.

Britclean ready to deal with commercial vacuum repair in Stoke

Some of the hardest stains to remove from carpets are ink, coffee as well as the alcohol and baking stains.

So if you’re planning to have your Christmas party in the office this year or planning to do an office bake-off for charity; the last thing you need is a broken vacuum cleaner.

Here at Britclean, we offer a wide range of well known branded vacuums including Karcher, Nilfisk and Numatic, as well as commercial vacuum repair in Stoke for all of these models.

Get in touch to arrange your commercial vacuum repair in Stoke today

Britclean have been providing the very best commercial vacuum repair in Stoke on Trent for the past 25 years, ensuring our products go that extra mile for our customers.

Our experienced team of engineers travel all around the country and we believe it’s the quality of our service that keeps our customers coming back for their cleaning solutions.

Contact our friendly team today and we can advise the best solution to make sure your vacuum goes that little bit further this winter.

Industrial Vacuum Repair

Industrial Vacuum Repair in Stoke

Do you need industrial vacuum repair in Stoke? If you are a business or organisation who relies on industrial vacuum cleaners, it is crucial to get your machines repaired efficiently.

Efficient and Reliable Industrial Vacuum Repair in Stoke

Industrial vacuum machines come in a variety of models covering a broad range of jobs. From compact vacuums for dry pick-ups, full commercial specification wet or dry, industrial extraction, through to professional vacuums for hazardous dust. If your machine has a loss of suction power, issues with the motor, pumps, and components, or has stopped working completely you need a solution to minimise disruption and keep your cleaning schedule on track.


You need your machine up and running as fast as possible and we have a team of highly experienced engineers specialising in industrial vacuum repair in Stoke. With thirty years of experience behind us we will get you back on track as quickly as possible to ensure minimum disruption to your cleaning programme. Britclean also has state of the art facilities at our Staffordshire base and have an extremely fast turnaround when it comes to repairs and servicing. We have our own stores and can access the parts you need to get your industrial vacuum in Stoke repaired quickly.

Contact Us for Industrial Vacuum Repair in Stoke

If you would like to know more about our industrial repairs service or have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help with your enquiry. There are times when an unexpected and accidental machine break down cannot be avoided. But if you would like us to give your equipment a check, we can do that too. Get peace of mind from a regular service and reduce the need for industrial vacuum repair in Stoke by giving us a call on 01782 515535.