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How Often Should Pressure Washers Be Used on Commercial Properties?

Commercial property managers will understand buildings can get grimy and dirty over time, with pressure washers being the best way to clean them.

Whether it is from standard foot traffic, harsh climate and storms, or even human factors such as graffiti, power washing outdoor areas will ensure the property maintains its value and looks clean and inviting for visitors.

The Difference Between Soft, Pressure and Power Washing

It is important to know the difference between power washing, pressure washing and soft washing before we look at a cleaning schedule.

Soft Washing – Apply a cleaning detergent with a pressure similar to a standard garden hose or showerhead. Areas typically cleaned with soft washing include roofs or any fragile surfaces, as this method does not create much friction and won’t get rid of any caked-on dirt and grime.

Pressure Washing – The biggest difference between pressure and power washing is the type of nozzle used. Pressure washers have just one tip on the nozzle, with water sprayed forcefully at a high pressure which allows the technician to flush out debris easily.

Power Washing – When cleaning the exterior of buildings, power washing is the safest method. Unlike a pressure washer, the power washer nozzle is equipped with multiple tips that allow the technician to choose the most appropriate pressure. Power washers utilise heated water, which is more effective at killing any bacteria present in mould and mildew.

A Schedule for Outdoor Power Washing

Here are some typical guidelines for outdoor power washing –

Seasonally – As the season’s change, it is a useful exercise to schedule outdoor power washing to keep your property looking attractive. Additionally, leaves and dust can accumulate in autumn with pollen building up in spring and summer which can affect those with allergies.

Rooftop Maintenance – Office buildings should have exteriors, entrances, sidewalks, car parks and rubbish areas power washed at least twice a year to prevent the buildup of dirt, grease and seasonal elements we’ve already mentioned.

Post Bad Weather – After heaving rainfall, it is common to call a roofing company to repair any roof damage. You should also consider adding a professional power washing service to complement your post-storm repairs. Plenty of dirt, grime and debris that has built around your building could have been swept onto your roof during the storm.

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