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Your Guide to Using Pressure Washers on Farms

Agricultural and farm machinery should be cleaned using a pressure washer over an unpaved surface, such as grass or gravel. The reason for choosing unpaved surfaces allows soap-filled water to soak into the ground to be filtered and eventually recharge the groundwater.

You should wash your equipment no closer than 100 feet from the wellhead of a well (if you have one). Another reason this is a good idea is that you do not want to wash on a paved surface because that water could eventually be discharged into a lake or stream via storm drains, which leaves you open to environmental litigation.

How to Use Pressure Washers on Farm Equipment

Here is Britclean‘s 8-step guide to using pressure washers on farm equipment effectively –

1. Wash your equipment after every use
2. Attach the water hose to your power washer and check the fuel and oil levels. Start the pressure washer and spray your equipment with water and detergent.
3. Use a low pressure as this way the water and the detergent will not splash away.
4. Spray from a distance of 2-3 feet from the surface, avoiding streaking by starting at the lowest point on the machinery and work your way up towards the highest point.
5. Apply enough detergent to dissolve the dirt at the surface.
6. Allow 5-10 minutes for the detergent to begin dissolving the debris you are cleaning.
7. Use high water pressure to remove the dirt from the surface.
8. Use plenty of water to flush away the dirt and this time start from the top and work your way towards the bottom to avoid having the dirt run over the clean areas. Make sure to use a wide spray angle.

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