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Dispelling Common Myths about Pressure Washers

Pressure washers from Britclean are designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and save you time and effort.

Having said this, some people do not understand the value of pressure washing, which creates a number of myths. For our latest blog, we are going to focus on four of the most common myths surrounding pressure washers.

Four Common Myths About Pressure Washing Explained

1. Pressure Washers Can Only Be Used on Dirt, Grime, Mould or Stains

A lot of people believe that pressure washing is the best solution for incredibly dirt properties, but this is not always true. While pressure washing involves removing stains from surfaces, not all forms of dirt are visible to the eye. Do not wait until a property has become unsightly before getting your pressure washer out. Regular cleaning and prevention of stains are much better for your surfaces than waiting for them to accumulate over time. This makes using pressure washers a great preventative measure and not the all-or-nothing solution you may think it is.

2. Pressure Washers are Safe Because They Are Water-Based

Pressure washers do depend on water but they also require plenty of pressure. While the water sweeps away deep stains, mould and dirt it can be damaging to different surfaces if not handled properly due to the pressure. For example, valuable furniture and finishings could be at risk, so asks experts such as Britclean before using a pressure washer on them.

3. One Pressure Setting Works For All

Some surfaces can be susceptible to damage which means you will need to use a lower level of pressure. This means you may need to use a different pressure setting for different parts of your property. Low-pressure settings, for example, are better for washing away potential mould from sidings.

4. Anyone Can Pressure Wash Surfaces

Pressure washing may seem quite straight-forward, but it does require skill and knowledge. While some people buy a pressure washer hoping for a quick fix for their cleaning tasks, the truth is mishandling them can be quite dangerous. This could lead to damage to your surfaces, rooms or property, so do your research before considering buying a pressure washer for the first time.

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