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Understanding the Power of Hot-Water Cleaning

Whether you are cleaning floors or pressure-washing agricultural equipment, hot water is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

For our latest update, Britclean is going to share three benefits of hot-water cleaning using one of our pressure washers.

  1. Lower Resource Consumption – Just like using a dishwasher at home, hot-water cleaning provides better and quicker results for commercial and industrial applications.
    Nilfisk recently teamed up with the wfk Cleaning Technology Institute to conduct tests which compared hot and cold water pressure washing. This found that across all applications that hot water reduced cleaning times by roughly 40%. In some particular cases, such as ones involving grease, fat and oil, a hot-water clean was up to four times more efficient than cold-water cleaning. This translated into a reduction of cleaning time of 75%.
    Using hot water reduces drying time after cleaning too, as cleaned areas and items will be available sooner. For example, if you are cleaning floors, they will be able to be used earlier without the risk of slips, trips and falls.
  2. Hygiene – Cleaning and then sanitising is the ‘one-two punch’ for stopping the spread of germs such as viruses and bacteria which can be harmful to humans and animals. A study from the Thuringen State Office for Agriculture discovered that while cleaning with cold water had no impact on bacteria levels, raising the temperature to 60˚C reduced bacterial colonies by 90%. At 80˚C, bacterial colonies reduced by 97%, and at 155˚C they were wiped out completely.
    Heat also helps to combat viruses, and while hot water is not sufficient for sanitisation or disinfection on its own, it can reduce bacteria and virus counts on surfaces.
  3. Sustainability – A hot-water clean also decreases your resource consumption in three main ways.
    Firstly, less water is required. This translates the time savings into resource savings as for every 1000 litres of water needed for cold water cleaning, hot-water cleaning saves at least 400 litres.
    With shorter cleaning times you will also reduce your energy consumption.
    Finally, hot water can (in some cases) decrease or eliminate the need for detergent because the heat is enough to remove dirt. If you are sanitising or disinfecting floors, you will still need to use an appropriate disinfectant.

Find Out More About Hot Water Cleaning

As you can read from the studies above, hot-water cleaning is a highly effective way to boost your efficiency, hygiene and the sustainability of your cleaning tasks.

If you like to know more about Britclean’s line of hot-water high-pressure washers, please contact us today.

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