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Your Guide to Using Pressure Washers on Farms

Agricultural and farm machinery should be cleaned using a pressure washer over an unpaved surface, such as grass or gravel. The reason for choosing unpaved surfaces allows soap-filled water to soak into the ground to be filtered and eventually recharge the groundwater.

You should wash your equipment no closer than 100 feet from the wellhead of a well (if you have one). Another reason this is a good idea is that you do not want to wash on a paved surface because that water could eventually be discharged into a lake or stream via storm drains, which leaves you open to environmental litigation.

How to Use Pressure Washers on Farm Equipment

Here is Britclean‘s 8-step guide to using pressure washers on farm equipment effectively –

1. Wash your equipment after every use
2. Attach the water hose to your power washer and check the fuel and oil levels. Start the pressure washer and spray your equipment with water and detergent.
3. Use a low pressure as this way the water and the detergent will not splash away.
4. Spray from a distance of 2-3 feet from the surface, avoiding streaking by starting at the lowest point on the machinery and work your way up towards the highest point.
5. Apply enough detergent to dissolve the dirt at the surface.
6. Allow 5-10 minutes for the detergent to begin dissolving the debris you are cleaning.
7. Use high water pressure to remove the dirt from the surface.
8. Use plenty of water to flush away the dirt and this time start from the top and work your way towards the bottom to avoid having the dirt run over the clean areas. Make sure to use a wide spray angle.

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Prepare for the Return to Workplace with Pressure Washers

With the recent announcement from the government regarding the easing restrictions in the coming weeks; now is the best time to use a pressure washer to ensure your business is ready to welcome everyone back.

While you may think that pressure washing machines are only used in industrial settings, they can also be employed on commercial properties to help the exterior of your building look spectacular.

If your office building has been scarcely populated over the past 12 months due to the pandemic, your employees returning to what looks like a shiny new building is just the tonic!

Below are five reasons why you should choose one of Britclean‘s pressure washing machines.

5 Reasons to Choose Pressure Washers

1. Easier Operation and Maintenance – Once you have picked your pressure washer up or had it delivered, you will be able to plug it in and get ready to blast away any dirt and grime. Our electric washers eliminate all the maintenance needed for petrol versions plus they are lighter and safer to use.

2. No Fuel – Electric pressure washing machines do not need petrol to run, eliminating the need for cooldown or recovery time between uses. Simply plug it in and it will be ready to go!

3. Quiet Use – Electric pressure washing machines create substantially less noise than their petrol counterparts. On average petrol washers emit up to 100dB of noise whereas electric versions emit around 78dB of noise.

4. Greener Cleaning – Electric washers do not require oil or fuel to run, meaning they also do not emit noxious fumes or create a byproduct that is harmful to the environment. The lack of oil or fuel means no accidental spills plus with no fumes you can use electric washers indoors or inside enclosed spaces.

5. Cost-Effective – Electric washers are a more cost-effective cleaning solution than petrol versions. The units are cheaper plus you do not have to buy fuel and oil or any expensive spare parts.

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Pressure Washers for Farmers and Winegrowers

Here at Britclean, we have worked with farmers and winegrowers for years, helping them keep their premises clean with our wide range of pressure washers.

For this blog, we explain how pressure washing machines can be used in both environments.

Keep Farms Clean

Farmers know their main ally is their equipment and preventing it from breaking down will save them heavy repair costs. The maintenance of this equipment will guarantee efficiency and safety at work too.

This is the reason why owning or hiring one of our pressure washers, will keep the vehicles used in the fields clean and remove mud and soil from your yards, drainage channels, warehouses, loading and unloading areas plus areas where sales and retail take place.

For motorised vehicles, cold water pressure cleaners are the best solution to dissolve grease and oil from engines and gears whilst using special detergents.

High precision lances and nozzles will prevent the dirt from infiltrating into the smallest areas and allow you to store perfectly clean seasonal tools without worrying about residues corroding and ruining the materials in the long term.

Why Pressure Washers are Important for Wineries

Using a high-pressure jet can reach the marc waste and the remains of a previous vinification process which builds up in barrels, barriques and plants.

It is easy to imagine what would happen to the rather delicate fermentation process if residual materials or contaminants weren’t carefully removed. This runs the risk of ruining a process that lasts up to 12 months. This is why high-quality pressure washing machines are great for small and large wineries.

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How Pressure Washers Work in Agriculture

Whether it is diesel-fired hot water machines or smaller cold water machines; Britclean offers the finest range of Karcher pressure washers that are ideal for cleaning agricultural environments.

This could be cleaning farm vehicles, yards and equipment plus reducing the risk of infections such as swine dysentery and salmonella.

Pressure Washers in Farming Environments

With Karcher high-pressure cleaners you will have a top-quality disinfection system at your disposal that will improve levels of hygiene and healthy livestock plus it will save you time and money on expensive medications.

Here are some examples of how you can use pressure washers in farming environments –

Cattle Farming – Pressure cleaning is ideal for removing faeces and food remains in calf igloos and resting areas.

Dairy Cows – Hygiene is crucial where germs gather, which is why high-pressure units and patented foam disinfection are needed for milk storage rooms plus rotary milking parlours.

Pig Farming – Cleanliness and hygiene are your first considerations when rearing animals, so using pressure washing machines for stable facilities help with their rearing and before the animals are relocated.

Poultry Farming – Effective disinfection for poultry production and rearing young animals plus final cleaning during the service period of egg production and hatchery disinfection will prevent bacteria, viruses and pests.

Sheep, Goat and Horse Rearing – High-pressure cleaners are the first choice for cleaning barns and stables removing droppings and dirty bedding easily.

Talk to Britclean to Hire or Buy Pressure Washing Machines

If you are considering a pressure washer for your agricultural grounds, Britclean offers the option to hire or purchase one of our machines.

We don’t just supply Karcher models, but also Nilfisk, Ehrle, Kranzle plus our own brand of pressure cleaners.

Get in touch with us now if you have any questions or visit our bespoke FAQ section. Our dedicated customer service looks forward to hearing from you.