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Nilfisk Pressure Washers in Staffordshire from the UK’s leading supplier of high-pressure high-quality cleaning equipment. We stock some of the worlds biggest manufacturers as well as our own Britclean range

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Britclean Nilfisk Pressure Washers Support Povey’s Oatcakes

Britclean were delighted to recently help out leading Staffordshire oatcake manufacturer Povey’s Oatcakes with the hire of one of our Nilfisk pressure washers.
The Nilfisk brand is one of the industry leaders developing cleaning machines for over 100 years and one we’re proud to supply.
Britclean gives you the option of hot and cold models that come mains, petrol or diesel powered and are perfect for food production environments.

Affordable Nilfisk Pressure Washers from Britclean

Povey’s Oatcakes have become a North Staffordshire institution has become one of the leading providers of the local dish for now over 25 years.
Oatcakes are closely linked to Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire, with fillings such as bacon, sausage, cheese and mushrooms all extremely popular.

Alex Povey, Owner of Povey’s Oatcakes was delighted with their hired pressure washer, saying,

“Britclean have been able to give me a great and affordable service. Their service and knowledge about the Nilfisk pressure washers are second to none.”

Using a pressure washer gives your surfaces the thorough clean required and keeps your premises hygienic at all times, which is especially important for food production areas.

Your Choice of Industrial Pressure Washers

Here at Britclean, we provide a wide range of well-known manufacturers of industrial pressure washers in Staffordshire and surrounding areas such as Derbyshire and Cheshire.
We’re committed to providing quality and durable products that lived up to their warranty and give our customers value for money.

From our offices in Biddulph, Staffordshire we have a team of highly skilled technicians which allows us to also develop our own range of industrial and commercial pressure washers.
With our wide network of dealers, we also provide a repair service for pressure washers which will save you money on purchasing a brand new unit.

If you require the finest Karcher, Ehrle, Kranzle or Nilfisk pressure washers for your business get in touch today.

Nilfisk Pressure Washers and Power Washers – Britclean:

 Here at Briclean we are armed with the impressive Nilfisk pressure washer and power washer series. We always maintain a well stocked collection of high-quality cleaning equipment. Nilfisk pressure washers are forerunners of industrial cleaning. They host a wide range of pressure washers in a range of styles and settings. The range of Nilfisk pressure washers means they always have the right tool for your task.

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Ride On Scrubtec R6

Nilfisk pressure washers ideal for use in the home or in industry. The Nilfisk Home Cleaner which is both compact and powerful. The other end of the spectrum contains Nilfisk’s Ride-On Scrubber Dryer – a veritable titan of cleaning prowess. It’s easy to see why Nilfisk are such a powerful international force in industrial cleaning hardware. Why not  examine the full range of diverse Nilfisk pressure washers and floor cleaners?

We supply Nilfisk pressure washers across the Midlands including, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire.

Nilfisk Pressure Washers – Excellence in Cleaning – Why Compromise?:

Click below to find a demonstration of Nilfisk’s E140 pressure washer and see the amazing cleaning power for yourself:

Nilfisk offer pressure washers from the 100 to 230 bar range. They have options for mains, petrol, or diesel powered units. Get in touch with us and we can help you find the best product for your needs. We at Britclean are always happy to help.  You can always follow us on Facebook or Twitter.