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Pressure Washers Improve 4x4s Curb Appeal

Pressure washing outdoor areas plus appliances such as your car or 4×4 will half your cleaning job and save you valuable time and effort.

Britclean is the leading supplier of jet washers and industrial vacuums across Staffordshire and the nearby counties. For this post, we will explain how pressure washers are the best cleaning solution for your vehicles and home exteriors.

Save Time With Pressure Washing

It will take longer to clean the exterior of your house, from the walls to the driveway simply by hand. Without a pressure washer, you will more than likely spend hours on your knees or pushing a broom around, trying to clean up the accumulated dirt clinging to surfaces from around the front and back of your garden. However, with a jet washer in hand, you will be able to easily lift away all that grime in as little as an hour. Using an extendable reach attachment you also won’t need to use a ladder.

A regular pressure wash helps prevent mould and mildew too, as you will be clearing away the dirt and bacteria which causes it in the first place. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you could experience horrible patches of unsightly grime which is particularly hard to remove by hand. Blitzing it with a pressure washer regularly will help prevent future outbreaks.

Are Pressure Washers Safe to Use on Vehicles?

Pressure washers can clean your car or 4X4 without the worry of damaging its paintwork. This means fewer hours spent using a bucket and sponge.

Our cars can get extremely dirty on long journeys, where dirt is flicked up from the road, or from winter weather which can cover vehicles in debris. If you are a bit of an off-roader and enjoy taking trails in your 4X4, this is also the best cleaning solution.

Just think about how much money you will save on car washes when using a jet washer?

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