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Why is Flow Rate Important for Pressure Washers?

One of the common myths surrounding pressure washers is that the more pressure they have, the better they will wash.

The fact is, according to technical washer experts at Britclean, the pressure will only get you so far and that water flow rate plays a larger role in determining how your washer performs.

How Pressure Washers Remove Dirt and Debris

Every combination of material and contaminants has a particular pressure which is required to seperate the two. For example, grease on stainless steels requires a different pressure than grease on aluminium, cast iron or Teflon. Similarly, paint will require a different pressure to remove it from stainless steel than say ink, chewing gum or tar.

Once your pressure washer has reached the pressure needed for a given combination of material and contaminant, adding more pressure will not make the job go faster. What could help complete the task quicker is the use of a pressure washer that is capable of a higher flow rate.

Measured in Gallons Per Minute, the flow rate is the key to determining how long a task will take. Use this bit of advice to determine that the best pressure washer would be for your application – multiply the pressure at which a system operates by the flow rate in gallons. The resulting number will help you to understand how one system will work compared to others.

When you are thinking about what size pressure washer to purchase or hire, keep in mind that the name ‘pressure washer’ might actually be a misnomer since both flow rate and pressure need considering. Look at the sort of work you need to do and how much pressure is needed to remove the stains you want to address.

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