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Getting to Know Ehrle Pressure Washers

German manufacturer Ehrle is one of the leading pressure washer companies worldwide and Britclean is proud to be one of their leading UK suppliers.

If you have never used Ehrle pressure washers before, don’t worry as we are going to provide all the essential information you need in this blog.

All Ehrle products are manufactured using state-of-the-art, precise and innovative processes that are subjected to extremely rigorous internal and external tests which ensure customer expectations are always met.

The Company Values of Ehrle

Ehrle work from four core company values that help them to be one of the leaders in the industrial cleaning market.

Quality – ‘Made by Ehrle’ is renowned globally as a stamp of top German manufacturing. Using their many years of experience and a highly skilled team maintains the quality of their products.
Flexibility – Ehrle constantly considers feedback from their customers to improve their products and react promptly to changes in the market.
Sustainability – As a manufacturer, Ehrle is also committed to sustainable production processes plus a commitment to protecting the environment.
Fairness and Responsibility – Ehrle has been a business partner of Britclean for many years, with both parties understanding the importance of an effective working relationship meaning we can provide the best pressure cleaners on the market to our customers.

Here at Britclean, we supply a wide range of Ehrle pressure washers, which can handle both commercial and industrial cleaning requirements.
Ehrle isn’t the only top supplier we work with either, as we also work with Nilfisk, Karcher, Honda and Kranzle.

Contact Britclean for Effective Cleaning Solutions

We give our customers the choice of purchasing or hiring our range of pressure washers plus we can offer a tailored program, in case you haven’t used that particular model of pressure washer. Get in touch for more information.

If your cleaner has stopped working, we can also provide the best repair service on the market with a quick turn around on most issues.

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