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Powerful and Trusted Karcher Pressure Washers in Staffordshire

When it comes to jet washers and high-quality outdoor cleaning there is only one name that comes to mind, Karcher. Karcher pressure washers in Staffordshire are second to none for their cleaning power and thanks to their range of models, there is a cleaning solution for all. If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted power washer look no further than Karcher.

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There isn’t a job too big that our Karcher pressure washers in Staffordshire cannot tackle. Karcher washers come in a range of sizes and power depending on the use. For a compact power washer that packs a punch, our Karcher HD 5/11 P commercial cold pressure washer is the ideal starting washer. Thanks to its compact dimensions, lightweight, and built-in carry handle, the HD 5/11 P is incredibly easy to transport even up steps or ladders. One of Karcher’s main strengths is their ability to fit expensive features found on top models onto affordable machines.

If your Karcher pressure washer in Staffordshire is needed for daily use and a robust clean, then our Karcher HD 10/25 4s cold pressure washer is one of the most powerful washers in its class. Ideal for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and buildings with its high-water flow rate of up to 1,000 litres/hour and pressure of up to 250 bar.

When cold water just won’t do the trick and you need a hot water pressure washer the Karcher HDS 6/10 c commercial hot pressure washer feature eco-efficient technologies which reduce diesel consumption by 20% without compromising on performance.

Karcher Pressure Washers in Staffordshire Since 1978

All our Karcher pressure washers in Staffordshire come with full service and maintenance checks to ensure the best possible performance. Here at Britclean, we pride ourselves on a quality service and the best possible products. For more information get in touch today.

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