Pressure Washing Leaves Away

Ways To Pressure Wash This Autumn

With Autumn now upon us, the sheer amount of chores and tasks on hand might seem overwhelming – possibly even insurmountable. Whether you need to clean your car, clear away leaves, perform garden maintenance or clean your decking, there will be many jobs to keep you busy this autumn.  

It may surprise you to know that the humble pressure washer can help you with these and many more tasks. So if your list of jobs is growing, let’s look at ways your pressure washer can help you execute some of them. 

Cleaning Garden Furniture

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say your garden furniture will have seen a considerable amount of usage throughout the summer. With increased usage comes the inevitable scruffs, scratches, as well as the accumulation of dreaded dirt, after all. 

A job on your Autumn To Do List may be to remove this dirt as well as cleaning up those delightful brown and orange leaves. Potentially the most effective and efficient way to clean your garden furniture is via a high-power washer. 

If you pressure wash your garden furniture on a low setting, it has proven effective at getting rid of dirt and hard-to-remove grime in most use cases. 

Cleaning Out The Barbecue

While your garden furniture might see less usage once summer is over, your barbecue’s usage may stop altogether. This is rather unsurprising. Afterall, you will not want to light up a barbecue on a rainy cold autumn evening! 

With the fire from the barbecue well and truly out, there will be all manner of grease and grime left which will need to be cleaned away. And while you may have attempted scrubbing with a heavy duty scourer, the grease and grime may still persist. As such, a more robust way of cleaning may be required. As such, a pressure washer might be the only cleaning solution to get rid of the unwanted grime and dirt.   

Clearing Your Gutters

Clearing your guttering has the potential to be one of the trickiest and most time-consuming chores to perform this autumn. Clearing your guttering usually requires you to mount ladders at a potentially tricky height as well as inevitably getting your hands dirty clearing leaves, grit and sand from the guttering pipes. 

Luckily, many of the trickiest aspects of this typical home maintenance task can be mitigated by using a pressure washer. If you use a lower setting, you will be able to clear your guttering in no time. 

Cleaning Your Patio and Decking

One of the tell-tale signs of autumn is iconic brown and orange leaves scattering all over your elegant decking. While this image might be iconic and welcoming, there is not much thought as to what happens underneath the layer of leaves. 

Beneath this picturesque layer of leaves, all manner of germs and bacteria can accumulate. As you might have guessed by now, the most effective way to clear these pesky germs is by using a pressure washer. Hosing down your decking or patio with a water and detergent mixture is undoubtedly the best way to clean between the gaps, where bacteria and germs can easily grow. 

High-Quality Pressure Washers

At Britclean, we supply a wide range of high-quality pressure washers which you can use to help you finish your autumn chores. So, whether you are looking for commercial vacuums in Cheshire, or  industrial pressure washers in Stoke, contact us today. We are sure we will be able to help you out.