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Interesting Facts About Pressure Washer

On the whole, pressure washers have had an expansive and illustrious history. It was actually Frank W.Ofeldt the second that was accredited with inventing the world’s first high power washer. Back in 1926 in the United States, Frank was working at a western based Pennsylvania company when, to his surprise, he accidentally invented the famous pressure washer. 

With such a long and illustrious history, there was little doubt that there would be many interesting facts about pressure washers accumulating over the years. As with most information, some facts can be purely trivial while others can be beyond insightful. 

Being a highly established purveyor of Karcher pressure washers from Staffordshire, we have learnt a thing or two about interesting washer facts. Because of this, we have decided to detail some of the most interesting facts or general information about pressure washers. 

Intriguing Invention 

As previously alluded to, the world’s first high power washer was thought to have been invented by Frank W.Ofeldt back in 1926. He worked at a company which produced gas fired water heating, it was here when he stumbled upon the apparent functions of a pressure washer. 

He just so happened to notice that when his whiskey steam outlet was pointed downwards, the steam could wash away any hard to remove grease and grime away. Because the steam was classified as a liquid without any mass, he theorised that steam could also perform this function. It was not until he actually performed the technique that his suspicions were eventually confirmed however.

The Steam Jenny

Following on nicely from our previous fact, in 1927 (the year following the high power washers invention) the so called steam jenny revolutionised washing worldwide. The steam jenny provides a cost effective manner in which to clean grease, mildew and other hard to clean substances.  

The name steam jenny had an interesting conception. In short, Frank W.Ofeldt went searching for a company to develop his new product. He eventually stumbled upon the Homestead Valve Company, it was here where the managers of the company discussed the name of the product. 

When they detailed that the product generated a high pressure washer vapour spray, one of the managers advised they call the washer a high pressure steam jenny. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Power and Speeds

As the name clearly suggests, pressure washers usually carry a substantial amount of power and produces water at quite a considerable speed. This can become apparent by simply looking at the washer when it action. 

But when looking at the power and speed omitted by a high power washer, it becomes apparent that there are some quite impressive numbers behind it. While the output can depend entirely on the model and make of the washer, we think in this instance it would be beneficial to look at an example. 

A washer with a flow rate of 3 GPM using a typical nozzle of 0 degrees and an orifice of 1.32mm, produces water at the speed of around 243 miles per hour. As you might have guessed, these are some serious numbers. 

Pressure Washers Can Be Used to Combat Allergens

While allergy season might be nearly over for many of us, it does not take away from the fact that many of us in the UK struggle when it comes to fighting allergens. When considering ways to fight the aforementioned allergens, using a high power washer might not initially come to mind. However, if used correctly, pressure washers can be used for this purpose. 

To put it simply, the pressure washer can be used to clean around home and/or other places where allergens might have accumulated. Because the washers are so effective, they leave no stone unturned in regards to leftover pollen or other allergen. 

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