Man in a hazmat suit using a pressure washer in the summer

Summer Is The Best Time You Use Pressure Washers

Now that summer has officially arrived: many of us will be venturing into our gardens; enjoying quality time with friends and family and just generally trying to enjoy the upturn in weather. 

With so many fun times being had, many of you might not be thinking about using your faithful high pressure washer. It must be said however, that summer is the perfect time to dust off your high power jet washer. 

We are a high quality purveyor of karcher pressure washers from Stoke-on-Trent; we know a thing or two about using your high power washer in the summertime. Although the humble jet washer is easy to use and very accessible year round, using it in the summer has some clear advantages. 

So after a potentially harsh and cold winter; let’s take a look at reasons summer is the best time to use your pressure washer. 

Better Weather and Better Drying 

During the summer months, it is largely expected temperatures will increase and there will subsequently be more sunny hours in the day. While in Staffordshire this is not always be guaranteed, there is little doubt the weather in the summer months is a lot significantly better than in the winter. 

It is hard to argue that cleaning something down in warmer weather just feels nicer. There is little need to acquire extra clothing due to being cold and therefore you are less likely to get damp. 

In addition to the nicer feeling of power washing in the pleasant weather, because the humidity is increased and because there is more sun; it also provides better drying opportunities. One of the downsides of washing in the winter is that sometimes it takes a significantly longer amount of time to dry after washing. Luckily, in the summer, this is less likely to happen as the sun and humidity dries the wetness out for you.  

This makes the experience more practical allowing you more time to clean effectively and efficiently. 

Results Will Last Longer

Following on nicely from the experience of pressure washing being more practical in the summer; is the fact that your results will last significantly longer. 

When you have washed something in the winter, within 5 minutes the area might be covered in leaves, mud or something worse. In the summer, this is far less likely to happen. The same can be said for if it were to snow and/or rain. When the temperature takes a sudden drastic change, it opens the door to smoothing your beautifully cleaned surface with splashes and marks.

In the summer, many of the problems and circumstances are virtually redundant. 

You Can Physically See The Results Better

There might be few more pleasing experiences than finishing cleaning with your jet washer, sitting back with a nice cold drink and looking at your work. When the sun is shining on a freshly cleaned surface, it usually glimmers effortlessly in the sun. 

This extremely rewarding experience is pretty much exclusive to the experience of cleaning in the summer. 

Mould Removal 

The sudden change from the cold and rainy climate of winter and spring to the warmth of summer is the perfect breeding ground for the formation of different moulds. Luckily, summertime is the perfect time to pressure wash any potential mildew away. Be it on the decking, your house or any other product you own. 

Garden Maintenance

The high power washer can also be used to help you with much of your general maintenance. We have recently covered how the pressure washer can be used to help you preserve and maintain your garden. But a few proven techniques include cleaning your decking, removing other stubborn dirt and branch removal. 

At Britclean, we offer a wide range of pressure washers and other related cleaning services. From industrial vacuum repair in Stoke to general pressure washer repairs, we will be able to help you. So why not get in touch today?