Man using a pressure washer on a roof

4 More Unusual Uses For Pressure Washers

Back in early February, we looked at 4 unconventional ways to use a pressure washer. The blog got us thinking about even more unconventional uses for our beloved washers. So we thought; why stop at just 4? There are so many weird and wonderful uses for high power washers; let’s look at least another 4. 

At Britclean, we offer many great and all encompassing services in a variety of locations. These include industrial pressure washer hire in Staffordshire and Cheshire. However, we have to admit, some of these unconventional uses even surprise us. 

When considering all of these weird and wonderful uses of washers; we must always highlight the issue of safety first. Before undertaking any pressure washer activity, you must ensure you understand any potential danger or hazards and have put place prior plans to combat the issues should they occur. 

All of that being said, let’s look at 4 more unusual uses for pressure washers. 

Stress Testing

When a roofing project has been completed, roofers must put their work through the metaphorical ringer to ensure their work can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is where stress testing comes in. 

Obviously recreating the various weather conditions is potentially difficult and sometimes borderline impossible, especially if conditions are to remain moderate. This is where pressure washers can help. You can use a pressure washer to recreate wet and windy conditions on your roof. By enacting this technique, the roofer ensures the roof remains strong and stable during some more potentially treacherous conditions. 

Killing Weeds 

Using steam and heat is an incredibly eco-friendly and effective way to kill unwanted weeds. As such, you can use the faithful pressure washer to enact this technique. Whether you have weeds growing in cracks on your driveway or around your home, all that is required is to simply point the washer at them and use a tailored setting to effectively remove them. 

Paint Stripper

In previous blogs, we have covered how you might accidentally remove paint if you are washing on a higher setting. However, we never contemplated whether you might actually want to remove the paint in the first place. 

Washing on a higher setting is a fantastically easy way to quickly and effectively remove paint you no longer want. 

To Drill

We have saved potentially the strangest use until last. When you think of tools for drilling, the chances are; a pressure washer does not come to mind. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can actually use a pressure washer to drill. 

Pressure washers are particularly useful at digging small holes in the ground. In fact, they are usually preferred for this purpose compared to more traditionally sized drills. 

We offer a wide range of repairs and services to a plethora of locations at Britclean. This includes karcher pressure washer repairs in Cheshire and Staffordshire amongst many others. So, if you have any questions regarding our brilliant pressure washers or our industrial vacuums, please contact us.