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Pressure Washers Supporting the Farming Industry

Keeping your farmyards clean and hygienic has never been more important in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Britclean has been working hard to support our agriculture partners in keeping their premises clean and busy with our pressure washers.

From the largest diesel-fired hot water pressure washer to the smaller, compact yet powerful cold water machines; Britclean will have a solution for you.
Our range, which includes Karcher machines will quickly and efficiently clean farm vehicles, yards and equipment and reduce the risk of infections as swine dysentery and salmonella.

We also have a special offer, with every industrial machine purchased throughout July receiving a free turbo lance!

For our latest blog, we are going to focus on five areas you can implement our pressure washers in your farm.

5 Ways Pressure Washers Can Be Used on Farms

1. Cattle Farming – Using a high-pressure washer you can remove faeces and food remains in calf igloos and resting areas.

2. Dairy Cows – Hygiene is extremely important wherever germs can gather. This is why high-pressure units and patented foam disinfection are the best choices in milk storage rooms and rotary milking parlours.

3. Pig Farming – Cleanliness and hygiene is paramount when it comes to rearing animals. Cleaning and disinfection systems from Britclean will give you the ideal stable facilities for animal rearing and before animals are relocated.

4. Poultry Farming – Effective disinfection for poultry production and rearing young animals prevents bacteria, viruses and pests from spreading. You can also provide a final cleaning during the service period of egg production and hatchery disinfection.

5. Sheep Farming – High-pressure cleaners can be used for deep cleaning barns and stables plus droppings and dirty bedding can be removed quite easily.

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