Nilfisk industrial vacuum in Shropshire

Your Guide to Scrubber Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire

Here at Britclean, we offer a wide range of industrial vacuums in Shropshire including scrubber driers perfect for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces.

Frequently used for deep cleaning, preserving or polishing floors, there are two main types of industrial scrubbers available – the Walk Behind and Wide on Range.

Here’s what both models offer –

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers – The smaller models are frequently used for cleaning workshop floors, shop floors and pedestrian walkways. A more robust solution than a mop and bucket, they will leave your floor dry and shining bright.

Ride-On Scrubber Dryers – Ride-on machines are better for large cleaning floors and frequently used in the commercial cleaning market.

How Do Scrubber Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire Work?

Applying a mix of water and detergent to your floor with powerful brushes from your scrubber drier scrubbing the floor as the machine moves.

The operator can change the amount of brush pressure, which can be changed to combat the amount of dirt and staining on the surface. A rear-mounted squeegee dries the floor with the powerful vacuum motors sucking up the water and debris as the machine works.

Our range of scrubber driers has adjustable pressure that will protect any vulnerable floor surfaces too.

To complement our range of industrial vacuums we also offer different types of detergents that can be used in the automotive, food and general cleaning environments.

Industrial Vacuums in Shropshire from Britclean

Britclean work with the finest ranges of commercial and industrial vacuums including renowned brands such as Nilsfisk, Karcher and Numatic International, so we have no doubt we’ll have the cleaner you require.

If you need any advice on which industrial vacuum will suit your needs, please get in touch today and speak to our team of specialists.

We are the market leaders in floor care and have over 40 years of experience of servicing the commercial and industrial customers with the most reliable cleaning solutions.

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