Industrial pressure washers in Derbyshire

How to Get the Most From Pressure Washers

When you have hired a pressure washer from Britclean, it is important to read the instructions it came with very carefully. Power washers can be dangerous, so for numerous tasks, we would recommend wearing protective gear such as a hard hat, safety goggles and gloves.

Every power washer works differently, so we have put together a handy guide in this blog to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

7 Ways to Prolong Pressure Washing Machines

Ensure All Connections are Secure  – Before using your pressure washer for the time, make sure connections for all hose, water and air are secure. If you discover any leaks, the washer will not work properly. Also, check the power cord is firmly attached to the outlet.

Turn Water Source Completely On – If you are using a pressure washer that needs to be attached to a water source, turn the faucet completely on. You will be able to adjust the pressure on the machine, but it will need the faucet’s full requirement of water to work well.

Attach Nozzles Whilst Pressure is Locked and Off – If you are using particular attachments, you will need to add them to the nozzle while your pressure washer is off and locked.

Protect Equipment, Building Features and Nearby Plants – We would recommend clearing the area as much as possible, protecting items such as plants, equipment, light fixtures and any fragile building features like tarps.

Begin with a Low Setting – Always make sure your pressure washer is on its lowest setting when turning it on, as this will allow to slowly increase pressure safely as needed – preventing kickback.

Hold the Nozzle at an Angle – When using the pressure washer, do not aim it directly at items you are cleaning. Instead, hold it an angle, which will wash dirt and debris away rather than against the surface.

Use Up and Down Motions – When cleaning a surface, begin at the bottom and move upward guiding the spray down over the same area to rinse it off. Continue this motion until the entire surface is cleaned.

Using a pressure washers makes a wide range of cleaning tasks quite simple. Deciding on what you will be using your machine for before buying, will make the choice quite easy.

Browse the Best of Pressure Washers

If you are looking for the finest pressure washers on the market, look no further than Britclean’s range. Contact us today if you have any questions about any of our models.

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