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Identifying Common Problems with Commercial Vacuums

Industrial vacuums can be extremely complicated machines that are often required to tackle challenging tasks in a commercial environment. Although Britclean‘s units are maintained to the highest standards, faults can still occur sometimes.

Spotting the first signs of trouble helps to prevent more costly repairs and downtime, which is why you should list the mechanical issues and look to discuss these with one of our trained professionals.

For our latest blog, we are going to share some of the most common problems you can get with commercial vacuums.

4 Commercial Vacuum Issues

1. Lack of Suction
If your unit has started to show signs of low suction or has ceased entirely, the chances are high that a clogged air filter is a problem.
Our team will be able to remove the filter and check for any debris plus the filter may need replacing entirely.

2. Broken Internal Belt
Drive belts are put under great pressure with the mechanisms allow the scrubbing brushes to rotate, which means that the belt could snap on occasion. Symptoms of this include the smell of burning rubber or a scrubbing head that suddenly stops rotating.

3. Scrubbing Brushes that Fail to Spin
Although the broken belt can trigger this problem, the brushes themselves can also become jammed. Once the unit is powered down the heads will need examining and a check will take place to ensure there is no debris such as hair or twine is impeding their motion. Our specialists will briefly scrutinise the brush roll assembly to make sure that no bearings have become lost or damaged.

4. Weak or Inoperative Motor
The electronic control board, known as the PCB, may have become damaged. The mains fuse could have tripped due to a perceived overload. Broken drive or cog belts could also cause an engine to cease. All of these issues need to be diagnosed by a trained professional from Britclean.

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