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Cleaning Concrete Using Pressure Washers

One of the first tasks you may have after hiring or purchasing a pressure washer is cleaning your driveway or pathways.

We understand here at Britclean, that is every driveway and pathway is unique and finding the right cleaning method will ultimately save you time and money – plus the results will speak for themselves.

For this blog, we will talk you through cleaning concrete using pressure washers.

6 Considerations When Using Pressure Washers

1. Know Where the Water is Going – Befoe you start, consider how you are going to deal with the plentiful of muddy water coming your way when cleaning. Work with it and not against and start with your pathway leading to your front door. When cleaning this section push the water to your driveway.

2. Apply Chemicals – Before you start using your unit, apply your chemicals to the concrete using the downstream injector. Whatever chemical you choose, ensure it is right for your machine and the concrete itself. Also, avoid over-spray on plants as they will die or turn yellow as a result.

3. Begin with Borders – Once you start using your pressure washer, create a border around your driveway. Cleaning the edge first will allow you to get a crisp edge and avoid missing any spots. The edge is also the dirtiest part as your water hits the soil that surrounds your driveway. It is best to deal with this first rather than when you are rinsing later on.

4. Clean Your Driveway from Top to Bottom – Regardless of where you start cleaning, your driveway will need to be split into sections. If you use a lance, work in vertical sections that are roughly 3 feet wide and keep your lance 6 inches to a foot away from the surface.

5. Rinse and Spot Clean – Once your driveway is clean, Britclean would recommend going from the top and rinsing it at high pressure. This is necessary to remove all the dirt lifted while cleaning, plus you can ensure no part was missed the first time around.

6. Post Treatments – The difference between a good job and a great job can be a post-treatment. Post treating your driveway reduces the appearance of any tiger striping left from the lance. Using a bleach post-treatment helps to whiten concrete and remove tannin stains.

Get in Touch With Any Questions

If you have any questions about cleaning concrete using pressure washers, please contact Britclean now.

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