Nilfisk Pressure Washers

Deciding Between Repairing or Replacing Your Pressure Washer

Deciding whether your pressure washer needs repairing or replacing is an extremely important decision. Here at Britclean, we offer a repair service for all models of pressure washers and industrial vacuums; including well-known brands such as Nilfisk, Karcher and Numatic International.

If you are using a wobble pump, then you will need to replace the pressure washer as the pump cannot be repaired.
Wobble pumps are economical but are not designed to be repaired.

Alternatively, if your pump is an axial cam pump, you have the choice to change the damaged parts, have the parts repaired or replaced. If you don’t have the knowledge of pressure washers, we would recommend talking to Britclean and arranging a repair.

While parts can be ordered online, it’s best to talk to cleaning specialists (such as Britclean) who have a ready-to-go range of stock, including replacement pumps and other appropriate parts.

Getting the Right Parts for your Pressure Washer

With over 40 years plus of experience, we have established close relationships with the likes of Nilfisk and Karcher meaning it is easier for us to discover the issue and find the right replacement parts to fix it.

We don’t just repair pressure washer brands we are agents for, we also work with makes such as Dirt Driver, Cleanwell, Lavor, Kranzle, Idromatic, Comet, Wap and Gerni.
Britclean‘s range consists of an industrial cold pressure washer and four industrial hot water machines that are available in different voltages which allows us to modify the setup to suit any customer requirements.

Talk to Britclean for your Repair Needs

If you would like to know more about Britclean’s maintenance and repair service, please contact us today.
For a better idea about everything we can do for you, please come and pay our workshop in Stoke on Trent and see for yourself.

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