industrial pressure washer on a sloped surface

The Advantages of Hot Water Pressure Washers for Cleaning

Where cleaning is required on a commercial and industrial scale, hot water and high pressure hold the most benefits. The most difficult dirt can be blasted away to leave equipment and buildings cleaned to a high standard.

Reasons to use hot water pressure washers include:

  1. The higher temperature of the water means that less pressure is needed.
  2. Hot water often requires less detergent in the cleaning process which has environmental benefits.
  3. Cleaning with hot water is more efficient and saves time. Karcher claim that this can deliver time savings of up to 35% more efficiency. Depending upon the type of dirt this can be up to 50% more efficient.
  4. High temperature cleaning with water and steam dislodge and emulsify difficult materials like grease and oil.
  5. In situations where hygiene is an important factor, such as the food industry, hot water kills more bacteria and cleans deeper.

Hot Water Pressure Washers for Sale and Hire

Industrial pressure washers come in many variations so finding the right one for you is more a matter of matching the hot water pressure washers to the type of work you need one for. Portable and powerful equipment can be bought or hired for occasional use across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the Shropshire areas. We also offer long term solutions for automotive businesses, farms and agriculture, and the food industry to name a few. Efficient cleaning power ultimately saves time and resources so that wherever you are and whatever your uses, Britclean has the machines for you. Where this type of process is a regular feature of your working day we have permanent high flow stationary units also.

Choose Britclean for Hot Water Pressure Washers

Britclean are the leading supplier of hot water pressure washers to the Midlands and North West of England. From our location in Stoke on Trent we offer a broad range of pressure washer options for sale and for hire. We build our own and supply famous brands like Karcher, Nilfisk, Ehrle and more. How can we help you? Please contact us today.

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