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Understanding Accessories for Pressure Washers

The majority of pressure washers come equipped with standard equipment such as a hose, gun and lance, but there are plenty of accessories available at Britclean that make your cleaning tasking more efficient.

For our latest blog, we are going to share more information about our range of pressure washer accessories.

Take Your Pick of Pressure Washer Accessories

Here are just a handful of our accessories and how they will benefit your pressure washer –

Low-Pressure Nozzles – Typically used in twin lances in order to allow a chemical injector to operate, with most having a 1/4 BSP thread, although other threads are available on request.
High-Pressure Nozzles – The most common nozzles we supply are 1/4 thread with a 15-degree fan pattern, but others are available on request.
Electric Motors for Pressure Washers – Britclean offer a large range of replacement electric motors for brands such as Karcher, Nilfisk, Alto, Kranzle, Edge, Lavor, Mac, Cleanwell and Dirt Driver. We will be able to give you a price based on your model number, although sometimes we may need to see your machine to provide an accurate quote.
Foam Injectors and Lances – Foam injectors make a big difference to a chemical application, creating a foam which clings to the surface which is being cleaned for much longer and improves cleaning results. As with any attachment, it’s vital to get the correct injector and lance size for your machine and they should be used with a foaming chemical to achieve great results.
High-Pressure Hose – High-pressure hoses come in many lengths, diameters, pressure ratings and even colours. We stock the most common hoses and adapters to get your back up and running quickly and most importantly all our hoses are premium quality and built to last.

Got any Questions? Get in Touch

If you have any questions about any of our pressure washer accessories, please contact us today.
We also supply renowned brands of pressure washers such as Nilfisk, Ehrle, Karcher, Interpump Group plus machines manufactured in-house at our premises in Staffordshire.

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